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Looking For Cops Average Votes:4.48
Sleeping Pills Average Votes:4.96
Head and Shoulders Average Votes:5.24
Back Sit Average Votes:5.85
Lights On Average Votes:3.85
Flowers Average Votes:5.20
Blonde Diet Average Votes:5.59
Catch Again Average Votes:4.86
A Night In Mexico Average Votes:6.61
Blonde Painter Average Votes:6.62
State Capitals Average Votes:5.37
Seeing Trees Average Votes:6.20
Car Painting Average Votes:5.40
Car Problems Average Votes:4.99
Smarter Blonde Average Votes:5.42
Gun Revange Average Votes:6.37
Losing Engines Average Votes:5.77
Playing Fetch Average Votes:4.88
Getting Up Average Votes:5.67
Blondes In Heaven Average Votes:6.08
The Circle Average Votes:7.25
Flower Curse Average Votes:6.71
Blonde Puzzle Average Votes:5.80
Blonde Exam Average Votes:4.58
Going Fishing Average Votes:4.60
Keeping A Secret Average Votes:4.46
Pyramid Of Jokes Average Votes:6.50
Blonde Bar Average Votes:7.06
A Wild Horse Ride Average Votes:6.14
Tossing The Coin Average Votes:5.11
Going Home Early Average Votes:5.93
Stuck On An Island Average Votes:6.29
Buying Flowers Average Votes:5.01
Make-Over Average Votes:6.14
Taming The Lion Average Votes:5.83
Too Close Average Votes:4.50
Losing Engines Average Votes:5.58
Blonde Painter Average Votes:6.31
Breast Stroke Competition Average Votes:5.67
Swimming Average Votes:4.68
Speeding Blonde Average Votes:6.19
Getting On The Bus Average Votes:6.67
A Blonde For Ever Average Votes:5.61
A Blonde With A Problem Average Votes:5.11
Blonde Swimmer Average Votes:5.48
Blonde Kidnapper Average Votes:5.41
Following The Track Average Votes:5.73
Leaving Early Average Votes:6.31
Blonde Cop Average Votes:6.74
Blondes At The Lake Average Votes:3.54
Best Kept Secret Average Votes:4.31
Speeding Blonde Average Votes:3.98
Final Words Average Votes:6.44
Because I'm Blonde? Average Votes:7.22
Stuck In The Hotel Average Votes:5.34
Bank Robbery Average Votes:6.62
Drinking Codes Average Votes:3.63
Angry Blonde Average Votes:5.86
Blonde Painting Average Votes:5.56
Blonde Phone Call Average Votes:6.14
Nude Painting Average Votes:3.68
Jokes For Blondes Average Votes:6.24
Exposed Breast Average Votes:5.52
Blonde In Trouble Average Votes:5.35
Sleeping Problems Average Votes:5.33
Blonde Detectives Average Votes:6.71
Buying Flowers Average Votes:5.99
Lawyer And Blonde Average Votes:7.49
Bowling Tournament Average Votes:5.48
How To Lose Weight Average Votes:5.56
Blonde And Chimps Average Votes:4.25
Leaving Early Average Votes:6.18
Catching The Blonde Average Votes:6.61
Blonde Guts Average Votes:6.07
Urgent Message Average Votes:6.49
Toilet Paper Average Votes:4.94
Death Row Average Votes:6.13
Blone Kidnapping Average Votes:6.21
Blonde No An Airplane Average Votes:4.43
Fire Escape Average Votes:5.95
Blonde Deodorant Average Votes:5.61
Helicopter Lessons Average Votes:7.97
A Blonde With A Gun Average Votes:6.12
Stairway To Heaven Average Votes:6.54
Alligator Shoes Average Votes:5.65
The Heist Average Votes:5.02
Q and A Average Votes:5.84
The magic forest Average Votes:5.62
Jigsaw Muddle Average Votes:5.21
Bucking Blonde Average Votes:5.36
Three Blonde Hunters Average Votes:5.14
Blonde Cashier Average Votes:3.40
Blonde Hiking Average Votes:4.48
Guessing Game Average Votes:6.20
Because I'm Blonde? Average Votes:7.50
Indecent Exposure Average Votes:5.63
There Is No Fish There Average Votes:5.37
Ventriloquist Average Votes:6.80
There Is No Fish There Average Votes:5.19
Wrong Way Average Votes:4.63
Legally Blonde Average Votes:6.23
Speeding Blonde Average Votes:6.63
BOEING! BOEING! Average Votes:3.14
Blonde In Jail Average Votes:4.34
The Daily News Average Votes:6.56
The 100$ Dollar Bill Average Votes:4.10
Car Crash Average Votes:5.94
What's So Funny? Average Votes:7.34
Safety First Average Votes:4.71
Red Ears Average Votes:6.00
Horsey Ride Average Votes:4.35
Blonde Kidnapping Average Votes:5.59
Appliance Store Average Votes:5.35
Alligator Shoes Average Votes:6.60
Genie In A Bottle Average Votes:4.58
The Interview Average Votes:6.98
Airport Left Average Votes:3.87
Bad Blonde Day Average Votes:4.31
The Blondes Pigs Average Votes:5.35
Death in the family Average Votes:6.11
Telephone Poles Average Votes:4.28
Volunteers? Average Votes:6.43
Blonde in the Dr.'s office Average Votes:6.36
Golf Lesson Average Votes:7.31
Two Blondes Hunting Average Votes:3.90
At the Corner Average Votes:2.65
Blonde Cook Book Average Votes:6.18
Top 10 Blonde Inventions Average Votes:6.52
The Highway Blonde Average Votes:4.80
Blondes and the News Average Votes:6.25
Jeperady Average Votes:2.96
Plane trip to New York Average Votes:5.81
Tracks Average Votes:6.61
Breathe Blonde Average Votes:4.62
Blonde Crossing Average Votes:4.10
the blonde & the cellphone Average Votes:5.12
brainy blonde? Average Votes:4.43
Electronics Shop Average Votes:5.30
once a blonde always a blonde Average Votes:4.83
Desert Average Votes:6.47
potatoe Average Votes:6.54
Blonde joke Average Votes:7.03
The blonde with two Average Votes:3.02
mosquitos and blondes Average Votes:5.75
DisneyLand Average Votes:4.03
santa and blondes Average Votes:4.35
Make it Off the Island Average Votes:5.98
Stranded Average Votes:5.65
Two horses Average Votes:4.36
blonde swimmer Average Votes:4.46
Two Blondes Average Votes:4.68
blondes fav. rhyme. Average Votes:4.92
a blonde in a shop Average Votes:4.62
Sheep Farm Average Votes:5.85
Fall Average Votes:3.67
Painting Average Votes:4.77
the dark Average Votes:4.31
deserted island Average Votes:4.58
Kidnapping Average Votes:5.50
The Dark Average Votes:4.12
Island problems Average Votes:4.78
Secret Service Blonde Average Votes:5.41
Language Average Votes:4.72
wings Average Votes:4.47
stupid Average Votes:2.39
Magic Mirror Average Votes:5.86
I think... Average Votes:5.92
At Work Average Votes:5.46
Superman Can't Save Ya.... Average Votes:2.18
Top Ten Reasons Why The Computer Industry Is Finally Opening Up To Women Average Votes:2.47
Who's Birthday Is It? Average Votes:3.27
Misconception Average Votes:5.23
Dead Birdie Average Votes:5.34
Orgasms a night Average Votes:5.50
What tracks? Average Votes:4.82
Blonde stewardess Average Votes:5.67
Bird Shit Average Votes:5.66
Signs Average Votes:3.88
Recognize? Average Votes:4.07
Painter Blonde Average Votes:7.21
Another Suicide Average Votes:7.05
Suicide Average Votes:7.21
Changing bulb Average Votes:4.21
Boat Average Votes:6.39
Shopping Average Votes:6.71
Car sell Average Votes:6.57
Little problem Average Votes:6.07
Q & A Average Votes:7.00
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