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Kids In Hospital Average Votes:6.03
Back To The Hole Average Votes:6.49
Clinic Check Up Average Votes:6.27
Pray Before Eating Average Votes:6.83
Gambling Average Votes:6.78
Kids Operation Average Votes:5.12
Boyfriend Average Votes:6.04
Human Race Average Votes:7.06
Lost Dad Average Votes:5.03
Tampons Wonder Average Votes:6.74
Birds and Bees Average Votes:6.20
Scaredy Cat Average Votes:6.24
Lost Dad Average Votes:4.89
Scared Dad Average Votes:6.74
Sent by God Average Votes:6.30
Father Of Who Average Votes:7.67
Jamaican Baby Average Votes:6.10
Wish To Santa Average Votes:5.17
Getting Fat Average Votes:4.14
Bad News Average Votes:4.98
Career Path Average Votes:6.23
Barbie Prices Average Votes:6.74
Meaning Of Names Average Votes:5.76
Team Work Average Votes:5.24
Nothing To Live For Average Votes:5.92
Taking A Tinkle Average Votes:7.37
Barbie For Christmas Average Votes:4.96
Buying Tampax Average Votes:6.31
Grandma's Boyfriend Average Votes:6.45
Oklahoma Fan Average Votes:6.59
Up The Crack Average Votes:6.34
Praying Child Average Votes:6.02
Afriad Of The Dark Average Votes:5.60
Thirsty Child Average Votes:6.68
Difficult Question Average Votes:6.33
Long Tail Average Votes:6.71
Dad's Occupation Average Votes:4.78
Hypothetic And Realistic Average Votes:7.88
Nickel Or Dime? Average Votes:6.52
Need A Man Average Votes:6.39
Curing The Blind Average Votes:2.38
Dead Worms Average Votes:6.18
Exciting Period Average Votes:6.43
Tell Santa Average Votes:7.88
Katie And Johnny Average Votes:6.93
Cabbie Average Votes:6.46
Bible Studies Average Votes:7.43
S&M Average Votes:5.53
Christmas Present Average Votes:6.13
Papa Fell Average Votes:5.19
Names On The Wall Average Votes:6.07
Kicking Habit Average Votes:5.16
It Hurts Average Votes:4.73
Saving It Average Votes:6.11
Wake Up! Average Votes:4.64
Sunday School Average Votes:4.35
Problematic Child Average Votes:4.30
What Do You Get? Average Votes:7.09
Two Cows Average Votes:5.68
Mouthful Average Votes:7.15
Frog Experiment Average Votes:3.97
Like The Way You Think Average Votes:7.47
Baby Belly Average Votes:6.21
Getting Herpes Average Votes:6.73
Alphabet Fun Average Votes:4.96
On The Balcony Average Votes:6.66
Pushing It Average Votes:6.42
Staying Fat Average Votes:7.58
Ugly Face Average Votes:5.84
Dog In Heat Average Votes:6.58
Sick In Church Average Votes:5.55
Dead Goldfish Average Votes:6.75
Osama Wish Average Votes:6.39
Brave Uncle Average Votes:6.99
Who Is Stupid? Average Votes:6.33
Start Running Average Votes:6.58
Seeing The Panties Average Votes:7.18
Church Politeness Average Votes:5.15
Free Throwing Average Votes:5.61
Mafia Kid Average Votes:6.10
Worm Test Average Votes:6.82
Talking Too Much Average Votes:5.20
What Is Politics? Average Votes:8.64
Brave Cursing Average Votes:7.95
Making A Puppy Average Votes:6.75
School Play Average Votes:4.51
Getting A Cake Average Votes:6.09
Johnny The Gambler Average Votes:7.08
Cab Driver Average Votes:5.90
No Touching Average Votes:5.04
Expanding Organ Average Votes:7.13
Tough Operation Average Votes:5.98
Bad Language Average Votes:6.89
Who Is Stupid? Average Votes:6.12
Happy Butt Average Votes:5.35
Hiking Money Average Votes:6.12
Blood Circulation Average Votes:4.89
Buying a Horse Average Votes:6.04
Going To The Toilet Average Votes:6.31
Cow Giving Birth Average Votes:5.65
Giggling In Class Average Votes:6.70
Legs In The Air Average Votes:7.79
Airplane Conversation Average Votes:6.61
Asking Mommy Average Votes:7.64
Mortgage Problems Average Votes:6.85
God's Creations Average Votes:5.39
Problems In Maths Average Votes:6.64
Nice Children's Tale Average Votes:5.67
Train Delay Average Votes:7.88
A Wet Whisper Average Votes:6.50
Special Trick Average Votes:4.65
Balcony Life Average Votes:6.82
Innocent Girl Average Votes:4.99
Childrens' Minds Average Votes:5.56
Sex Positions Average Votes:4.00
Name Game Average Votes:6.95
Horse Riding Average Votes:7.26
A Husband's Talking Role Average Votes:4.82
First In Heaven Average Votes:7.47
Etiquette Lesson Average Votes:7.81
Praying Average Votes:6.64
Plane Conversation Average Votes:6.88
Finding Danny Average Votes:3.76
Dirty Name Average Votes:5.66
What Is Sex? Average Votes:3.53
Hole In The Fence Average Votes:6.71
Having A Puppy Average Votes:6.28
Dirty Magazines Average Votes:4.73
Bad Books Average Votes:3.51
Who Said That? Average Votes:7.11
The Whole Truth Average Votes:6.74
Weird Names Average Votes:3.88
A Period Average Votes:7.86
Chldren's Prayer Average Votes:5.73
Self-Made Man Average Votes:3.93
What's Sex? Average Votes:4.05
Team Spirit Average Votes:5.22
Father's Advice Average Votes:6.13
Mother's Shock Average Votes:7.23
Train Ride Average Votes:7.42
Starting To Swear Average Votes:6.82
Whiskey Lesson Average Votes:5.20
Closet Secrets Average Votes:7.04
Urinal Help Average Votes:5.72
Potential And Reality Average Votes:7.84
Grown-Up Words Average Votes:6.94
Birds And Bees Average Votes:6.20
Peeing In Church Average Votes:5.81
Spoiled Mother Average Votes:5.98
Funny Faces Average Votes:6.46
Sex On Sunday Average Votes:6.57
Sunday Class Average Votes:8.29
Children Books Average Votes:5.73
Osama's Valentine Average Votes:7.29
Kill A Mouse Average Votes:6.22
Associations Game Average Votes:7.51
Nudist Vacation Average Votes:6.81
Shooting Accident Average Votes:6.14
Christmas Ticket Average Votes:6.54
Santa Present Average Votes:4.99
Like a Peanut Average Votes:5.88
Dodging god Average Votes:6.32
The Right Thing Average Votes:5.10
Most Wanted Average Votes:4.69
Indian Names Average Votes:6.14
Making A Baby Average Votes:5.80
Frog Noise Average Votes:5.88
What The Ribs Are For Average Votes:3.44
What Is Sex? Average Votes:3.77
Big People Words Average Votes:7.65
What That Was Average Votes:7.74
Outhouse Average Votes:6.86
Mother Average Votes:2.34
Balcony Report Average Votes:6.84
Obsessions Average Votes:7.55
At the Zoo with Dad Average Votes:4.79
Little Johnny Average Votes:6.47
New Borns Average Votes:4.28
Too Young Average Votes:4.02
Black and White Average Votes:7.21
Harry's Exam Average Votes:8.27
Train Set Average Votes:8.37
Sensory Perception Average Votes:7.75
I Know The Whole Truth Average Votes:7.01
Productive Salesmanship Average Votes:7.64
Nice Words! Average Votes:7.48
Reality and Imagination Average Votes:3.46
Mounted Cop Average Votes:6.58
Typewriter Average Votes:6.16
I won, is that because... Average Votes:5.00
cookies Average Votes:3.37
What do you want for Xmas? Average Votes:4.97
Is The Seal Broken? Average Votes:5.02
Don't Worry Mommy! Average Votes:6.85
Swearing Average Votes:7.93
A White Boy Average Votes:6.97
The Code Word Is... Average Votes:6.74
The Surprise Gift Average Votes:6.19
A Talking Pig! Average Votes:7.14
Candy Kiss Average Votes:7.39
Summer Camps Not For Kids Average Votes:5.13
Rejected Dr. Seuss books Average Votes:6.96
The Farting Lesson Average Votes:5.95
We Float Up To Heaven On Our Backs Average Votes:8.10
Sex Or Weight Watchers Average Votes:7.78
Which Race Am I? Average Votes:6.78
Mommy's Washcloth Average Votes:8.28
No Temper Tantrums On This Plane Average Votes:2.67
It Doesn't Exist Average Votes:2.02
Coffee Maker Average Votes:6.22
You Are Ugly Average Votes:6.68
Easter Dress Average Votes:5.14
Big Sissy Average Votes:4.35
Over Your Heart Average Votes:6.14
Going To The Bathroom Average Votes:5.11
Is It Dead? Average Votes:6.70
I Know The Truth Average Votes:7.37
Don't Kick Average Votes:6.21
My Father's The Best Average Votes:4.49
Gifts For Your Teacher Average Votes:6.84
Jimmy's Not Stupid Average Votes:7.35
Confused Child Average Votes:7.75
First Operation Average Votes:6.77
Too much TV????? Average Votes:4.73
I want to be six Average Votes:4.59
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