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New Secretary Average Votes:7.57
Diagnosis Average Votes:7.57
Car Problem Average Votes:7.57
Online Too Long Average Votes:7.57
Microsoft VS. GM Average Votes:7.57
Job Interview Average Votes:7.57
New AOL Messages Average Votes:7.57
Life Before the Computer Average Votes:7.57
Y2k My Ass Average Votes:7.57
10 reasons computers must be Males Average Votes:7.57
The name Microsoft Average Votes:5.61
In Bed Average Votes:4.06
Meeting Bill Average Votes:7.07
Mouse Balls Average Votes:4.43
Jesus vs. Satan Average Votes:6.26
Helicopter Problem Average Votes:7.69
Wrong E-Mail Average Votes:6.08
Daddy's Password Average Votes:4.39
Windows Average Votes:6.68
Stupid Blonde Engineer Average Votes:3.84
Cars Average Votes:4.29
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