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Get Out Of The Car Average Votes:7.58
Termite Average Votes:7.53
Sandwich Average Votes:7.57
Kitchen Accidents Average Votes:7.57
Opposite of Pro Average Votes:7.57
The Last Word Average Votes:7.57
Reason To Avoid A War Average Votes:7.58
Love And War Average Votes:7.57
Knowing Your Husband Average Votes:7.56
At The Zoo Average Votes:7.57
The Price Of Love Average Votes:7.57
Marriage's Advantage Average Votes:7.57
Who Is Listening Average Votes:7.57
Longings Average Votes:7.57
Nickname Average Votes:7.57
Too Late For Happiness Average Votes:7.58
Blondes' Obstacle Average Votes:7.57
A Friend In Need Average Votes:7.56
Looking Bad Average Votes:7.57
Advantage Of Speed Average Votes:7.57
Knowing People Average Votes:7.57
Price Of Madness Average Votes:7.57
Men As Toilets Average Votes:7.57
Optimism Average Votes:7.57
Understanding Why Average Votes:7.57
Eating Chicken Average Votes:7.57
Parents & Children Average Votes:7.57
Rejected Hallmark Cards Average Votes:7.57
Deep Thoughts Average Votes:7.58
Condoms Types Average Votes:7.57
Good And Great Friends Average Votes:7.57
Perfect Average Votes:7.57
Set It Free Average Votes:7.57
Immortality Average Votes:7.57
7-11 Average Votes:7.57
Home Work Average Votes:7.57
Who is God? Average Votes:7.57
Weddings Average Votes:7.57
DARN THESE FLYS! Average Votes:7.57
Success Average Votes:7.57
Rough Landing Average Votes:7.57
Hmmmmmm Average Votes:7.57
Glue Average Votes:3.71
Bath Towels Average Votes:2.14
Hair Color Average Votes:4.12
Research Average Votes:3.18
Abbreviated Average Votes:3.50
Alphabet Average Votes:2.48
What Time Is It Average Votes:3.17
Non Sufficient Funds Average Votes:5.20
Remote Control Average Votes:4.98
Deep Thoughts Average Votes:3.48
Deep Thoughts Average Votes:4.52
Deep Thoughts Average Votes:4.56
Deep Thoughts Average Votes:4.53
Deep Thoughts Average Votes:5.17
Deep thoughts Average Votes:5.72
Deep thoughts Average Votes:3.61
Deep thoughts Average Votes:2.40
Deep thoughts Average Votes:6.13
Deep thoughts Average Votes:5.61
Deep thoughts Average Votes:4.78
Tea Break Average Votes:2.34
Deep thoughts Average Votes:5.31
Deep thoughts Average Votes:5.94
Deep thoughts Average Votes:3.57
Deep thoughts Average Votes:5.45
Deep thoughts Average Votes:5.91
Deep thoughts Average Votes:5.62
Deep thoughts Average Votes:4.79
Deep thoughts Average Votes:5.75
Deep thoughts Average Votes:5.93
Deep thoughts Average Votes:3.39
Legal System Average Votes:5.21
Deep thoughts Average Votes:3.98
Deep thoughts Average Votes:6.19
Deep thoughts Average Votes:4.44
Deep thoughts Average Votes:5.54
Deep thoughts Average Votes:5.93
Deep thoughts Average Votes:6.19
Don't Lead Average Votes:5.90
Ding Dong Average Votes:5.35
Not In The Plans Average Votes:4.38
Deep Thoughts Average Votes:3.32
Deep Thoughts Average Votes:5.76
Deep Thoughts Average Votes:5.71
Deep Thoughts Average Votes:3.47
Deep Thoughts Average Votes:7.14
How to irritate Bill Gates Average Votes:3.21
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