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Red Tomatoes Average Votes:5.95
Business Decision Average Votes:7.28
Coincidence Average Votes:7.24
Christmas Gift For Mom Average Votes:5.63
Attitude Average Votes:7.13
Experimental Pill Average Votes:6.68
Small World Average Votes:6.90
Pregnancy Advice Average Votes:5.92
Rules Are Rules Average Votes:6.92
Harassing Parrot Average Votes:4.92
Costume Party Average Votes:8.16
Girls Night Out Average Votes:6.73
Unpredictable Average Votes:6.75
Southern Girl Average Votes:6.78
Emergency Appointment Average Votes:5.46
Cosmetics Line Average Votes:5.17
Pregnancy Question Average Votes:4.93
A Miracle Average Votes:7.08
Olympic Condoms Average Votes:7.06
Gently Put Average Votes:4.90
Like A Woman Average Votes:5.37
What Is Wrong Average Votes:5.20
Together At Last Average Votes:7.31
Boss Issues Average Votes:6.17
Bra Types Average Votes:5.47
Side Effects Average Votes:5.47
Good Dentist Average Votes:6.70
Bad Look Average Votes:3.51
Weight Issues Average Votes:4.70
Play Your Age Average Votes:5.29
Baby Delivery Average Votes:5.24
Leaving Trails Average Votes:5.48
Who Is The Father Average Votes:6.50
Rich Hooker Average Votes:6.07
Bad Nuns Average Votes:6.04
Covering Shoe Average Votes:7.23
Faith Healer Average Votes:4.77
First Time With Tiger Average Votes:6.72
Indecent Proposal Average Votes:6.56
Grandma Loves Oranges Average Votes:7.61
Not Enough Moaning Average Votes:5.24
Attractive Woman Average Votes:5.32
One Missing Girl Average Votes:4.76
Hiding The Pets Average Votes:6.47
New Tatoo Average Votes:7.15
Not Satisfied Average Votes:4.44
30-40 Years Left Average Votes:5.93
Nice Smelling Hair Average Votes:7.52
65,000$ Question Average Votes:7.36
The Professor's Wife Average Votes:7.65
50 Cents Average Votes:5.38
Where's The Manager Average Votes:6.52
Blonde Friend Average Votes:5.34
Girls' Night Out Average Votes:7.21
Bee Sting Average Votes:6.36
Talk To Him Average Votes:5.89
Holy Water Average Votes:6.78
16 Years Of Meat Average Votes:6.74
Waiting For Love Average Votes:5.23
Using Vaseline Average Votes:6.23
Stirring On Mars Average Votes:5.64
Extra Large Condoms Average Votes:5.61
Great Female Combacks Average Votes:6.70
Losing Virginity Average Votes:7.24
Nude Driving Average Votes:6.82
Cyanide Request Average Votes:6.69
New Job Average Votes:7.58
Cold In Alaska Average Votes:6.21
Shocked Nuns Average Votes:6.96
Penis Tan Average Votes:6.71
Poof! Average Votes:6.63
Letters On Chest Average Votes:6.43
500$ Average Votes:7.26
Enlarging The Breast Average Votes:6.77
3 Requirements Average Votes:6.98
John Smith Average Votes:4.56
Brave Cat Average Votes:4.01
First Fight Average Votes:4.65
Ringing Bells Average Votes:6.95
Innocent Knitting Average Votes:4.68
Lottery Ticket Average Votes:5.29
Silent Entry Average Votes:6.59
Hiding Smokers Average Votes:6.89
Gentle Touch Average Votes:6.69
Nude Tan Average Votes:6.70
Going To Jesus Average Votes:7.65
500$ Average Votes:7.85
Sex Change Average Votes:3.99
Would You Marry Again? Average Votes:2.74
Keeping Pure Average Votes:4.51
Devil's Voice Average Votes:4.99
Wonderful Threesome Average Votes:3.44
Where Babies Come From Average Votes:6.79
If I Wasn't Rich Average Votes:4.83
3 Times A Cheater Average Votes:6.36
Good News Average Votes:4.56
Australian Virgin Average Votes:4.32
Suspicious Mother Average Votes:7.80
Women's Instructions Average Votes:5.31
Bad Cook Average Votes:3.44
Under The Table Average Votes:8.23
Problems With The Car Average Votes:5.52
Feminist Protest Average Votes:6.06
Vibrating Husband Average Votes:6.83
What Did He Say? Average Votes:4.81
Disgracing The Family Average Votes:7.19
Canaries Average Votes:6.18
Mother Of Six Average Votes:5.70
Trip To Europe Average Votes:6.41
Staying Young Average Votes:5.42
Dating Young Average Votes:5.77
Golfing With The Wife Average Votes:6.70
Free Meat Average Votes:5.77
Cold Hands Average Votes:6.40
What Day It Is Average Votes:4.25
Difficult Question Average Votes:5.77
Accidental Touch Average Votes:7.63
Reproducing Bull Average Votes:6.60
Happy Gorrila Average Votes:5.64
Aunt Karen's Moral Average Votes:7.98
60 Minutes Present Average Votes:6.40
Tatoo Gift Average Votes:5.14
Dating A Dentist Average Votes:6.12
Dead Husband Average Votes:5.41
Letters Of Love Average Votes:5.28
Bad Shape Average Votes:5.80
Advice For Women Average Votes:3.50
Under The Table Average Votes:5.32
Purifying Water Average Votes:8.20
Magic Cure Average Votes:6.64
At The Dentist Average Votes:4.74
Deathbed Average Votes:6.39
When Logic Prevails Average Votes:7.36
A Doctor's Opinion Average Votes:5.85
Some Marriage's Insights Average Votes:6.86
Question Of Height Average Votes:6.22
Cause For Unrest Average Votes:5.64
Brain's Change Result Average Votes:4.43
Religious Tits Average Votes:5.74
A Human Car Performance Average Votes:5.99
Cheating Wife Average Votes:5.61
Riding With An Indian Average Votes:6.37
Kuweit Wedding Average Votes:5.73
Italian Virgin Average Votes:6.61
Hypnotist Error Average Votes:6.96
Letters On The Skin Average Votes:5.42
Lost Ball Average Votes:7.29
Ugly Boy Average Votes:5.64
Band New Porsche Average Votes:4.51
Why A Divorce? Average Votes:5.53
Learning Each Other Average Votes:5.71
Nail The Cow Average Votes:4.75
Fourth Husband Average Votes:5.11
Cinderella's Wishes Average Votes:7.35
Cinderella's Wishes Average Votes:7.43
The Ventriloquist Average Votes:6.98
Coincidence Average Votes:6.77
In A Lift Average Votes:5.17
Cut-Backs Average Votes:5.55
Face Lift Average Votes:6.33
Counselling Genious Average Votes:4.80
Pinching Average Votes:4.33
Different Father Average Votes:5.85
Married For The Money Average Votes:3.17
Get Me The Manager Average Votes:6.26
Working Together Average Votes:4.77
Old But Horny Average Votes:4.59
Men Super Store Average Votes:7.84
What Do I Look Like? Average Votes:6.51
Getting Weighed Average Votes:5.35
Naked Accident Average Votes:6.36
Maths And Logic Average Votes:7.74
Three Drunk Women Average Votes:6.07
Shocked Old Ladies Average Votes:5.22
Virgin's Confession Average Votes:7.25
Great Female Comebacks Average Votes:7.28
Brown Balls Average Votes:4.46
Dead Husbands Average Votes:5.34
Affair With The Dentist Average Votes:3.97
Looking Young Average Votes:6.60
Talking Too Much Average Votes:4.61
Obstetrician Visit Average Votes:4.50
True Love Average Votes:6.33
Can't Cook Average Votes:6.17
Ugly Baby Average Votes:5.97
Back to the Honeymoon Average Votes:7.45
Why Men Can't Win Average Votes:6.49
The Interview Average Votes:7.68
Last Request Average Votes:5.49
Fresh Marriage Breakfest Average Votes:3.11
Permanent Erection Average Votes:5.36
Mortician In Shock Average Votes:7.52
Beware Of Pregnant Average Votes:4.77
Medical Orders Average Votes:6.83
Fishing Experience Average Votes:5.93
Women's Bumper-Stickers Average Votes:6.16
Labor Pills Average Votes:7.41
The Carburettor Average Votes:4.81
Slow Driver Average Votes:7.36
Bingo Winner Average Votes:3.71
Blind Date Average Votes:3.38
Doctor's Wife Average Votes:5.77
Saving Up Average Votes:5.79
Last Request Average Votes:5.37
Firm It Up! Average Votes:8.07
Car Accident Average Votes:5.60
Girls Night Out Average Votes:6.66
Wedding Anniversary Average Votes:5.41
Funeral Average Votes:6.55
Sex On The Beach Average Votes:5.30
Poor Skunk Average Votes:6.42
Don't Step On A Duck! Average Votes:5.28
Catching A Tan Average Votes:7.54
Bad Language Average Votes:4.62
Nude Drive Average Votes:6.75
Silver Jubilee Average Votes:5.66
Saying the Right Thing Average Votes:6.94
Who's Penis Is it? Average Votes:4.43
Cat Food Average Votes:4.97
Farting Lady Average Votes:3.91
King Solomon's Wisdom Average Votes:4.47
Fast Divorce Average Votes:7.37
Indian Ride Average Votes:6.77
Cheating Statue Average Votes:6.52
CIA Test Average Votes:7.76
Creation Of Women Average Votes:6.16
New Born Baby Average Votes:6.56
Face-Lifting Death Average Votes:5.41
Doctor Examination Average Votes:6.40
Cheating Boyfriend Average Votes:5.22
Genie In A Bottle Average Votes:6.95
Escaped Prisoner Average Votes:8.31
To Feel Like A Woman Average Votes:6.42
Profitable Donation Average Votes:5.02
Italian Wedding Night Average Votes:6.13
Wife's Devotion Average Votes:7.34
Christmas Tatoo Average Votes:7.49
King Solomon Trial Average Votes:4.19
Marriage Is... Average Votes:5.43
Message for the Boss Average Votes:5.79
Better Not Pull Her Over Average Votes:7.21
With A Little Help From My Spouse Average Votes:5.47
Must Be A Dentist Average Votes:7.09
ATM machine Average Votes:5.33
Mother of Six Average Votes:5.95
Donating Body Fluids Average Votes:4.87
Winning The Lottery Average Votes:6.45
Serious Accident Average Votes:4.01
New ATM Procedures Average Votes:5.72
Loving Wife Average Votes:4.63
20 Years Average Votes:6.45
Teddy Bears Average Votes:5.72
Golf Average Votes:5.08
Politically Correct Woman Average Votes:3.78
Red Tomatoes Average Votes:5.57
Powder Viagra Average Votes:7.39
20 Years Of Marrage Average Votes:5.81
Arsenic Average Votes:5.95
The Angry Wife Average Votes:3.93
In The Hotel Lobby Average Votes:7.31
Married Women Average Votes:5.51
How Much? Average Votes:6.17
Perfume Average Votes:6.06
Pregnant Average Votes:6.07
Woman Will Always Be Average Votes:6.59
Wild Thinking Average Votes:7.23
Revenge Average Votes:7.31
Four Animals Average Votes:5.28
Mixed Up Words Average Votes:3.66
Top 10 Rejection Lines Given By Women Average Votes:4.72
Slogans for Women Average Votes:5.86
Adam Mate Average Votes:7.14
Illnesses Average Votes:6.79
Revenge Average Votes:6.53
Marriage Average Votes:5.72
Car Shopping Average Votes:7.47
Sweetheart Present Average Votes:7.76
Periods and Paychecks Average Votes:3.81
The Dial Average Votes:4.71
Vocabulary Lesson Average Votes:5.76
Who Do You Think I Am? Average Votes:6.63
A Dying Man's Cookies Average Votes:5.48
Bubba had three daughters Average Votes:4.56
Use more soap Average Votes:6.17
One Up Average Votes:5.47
Don't Mess With Women Average Votes:6.24
3 Dumb Guys and a Genie Average Votes:4.81
Ed Zachary Average Votes:6.44
Female at different ages Average Votes:4.61
Test Results Average Votes:5.56
The Sins of Leroy Average Votes:6.52
Bad Luck Average Votes:5.68
Blondes Average Votes:1.95
Space schuttle Average Votes:4.16
Virgin Brides Average Votes:7.80
Health Violation Average Votes:3.98
asian lesbian Average Votes:2.47
Poor Old Lady Average Votes:6.03
Top 10 Reasons Why God Created Eve Average Votes:4.27
Ederly Average Votes:4.22
fishy Average Votes:2.26
Mother Average Votes:4.49
The Porcupine & The Porsche! Average Votes:6.71
A glass of milk Average Votes:4.47
The Coffin Average Votes:5.84
3 women in a bar... Average Votes:5.20
Golf Ball Average Votes:6.02
The Rules Average Votes:5.58
look up. plug ups. Average Votes:3.51
hehe Average Votes:3.03
the thing Average Votes:3.53
woman & computer Average Votes:4.19
slack or not??? Average Votes:4.44
breathalyzer test Average Votes:5.58
mood ring Average Votes:3.26
Pit Bull Average Votes:5.24
Simple Division Average Votes:6.97
The 4 'F' Rules Every Girl Should Live By Average Votes:4.40
The Elderly Have Fun Too Average Votes:8.16
A Drunk And The Podiatrist's Receptionist Average Votes:5.47
A Lease On Love Average Votes:7.28
The Koala Bear Defined Average Votes:7.79
Not You're Normal Family Average Votes:7.26
Gypsy Lovin' Average Votes:4.93
50 Revised Rules for Women Average Votes:6.06
Physical Exam Average Votes:7.89
Crusty Underwear Average Votes:3.80
Smartest thing out of a woman's mouth Average Votes:5.38
3 best things about being a woman Average Votes:6.88
Pussy or Bitch Average Votes:7.27
Things a perfect woman would say Average Votes:7.57
Martian Lovin' Average Votes:8.08
You May Feel A Little Prick Average Votes:6.18
Eye Rubbers Average Votes:4.66
Wife Acronym Average Votes:7.12
Making Fish Stix Average Votes:5.18
Female Reindeer Average Votes:4.27
Here's Your Choice Average Votes:3.76
Growing Wild Average Votes:7.78
Women's tee shirts Average Votes:5.29
Life is an egg Average Votes:6.66
2 Old Ladies & A Condom Average Votes:7.32
Honeymoon Average Votes:6.48
A Good date Average Votes:7.11
I Am Glad I Am A Woman Average Votes:6.05
Baked Beans On Your Birthday Average Votes:8.48
A beautiful fairy tale Average Votes:6.18
Freezing Average Votes:7.58
Who Was More Drunk? Average Votes:8.25
Canadian Lesbians Average Votes:3.53
One-Liners Of Women Average Votes:6.07
Gas Problem Average Votes:7.93
New And Improved Barbie! Average Votes:4.33
Watch What You Ask For Average Votes:7.49
Risky Proposition Average Votes:4.73
Don't Be Ridiculous Average Votes:3.41
More Freedom Average Votes:3.47
A Penis And What??? Average Votes:6.33
She's So Vane Average Votes:5.23
Men Aren't Dogs... Average Votes:4.86
Ignorance Average Votes:2.90
Birth Control Pills Average Votes:5.72
Insulted Wife Average Votes:4.75
Female Viagra Average Votes:3.49
When She Starts To Look Good.... Average Votes:6.90
Dumb Beast Average Votes:3.59
Why Average Votes:3.57
What Position? Average Votes:5.28
Kids Seem To Like Her Average Votes:4.87
That Nagging, Sagging Feeling Average Votes:7.24
Wedding Night Average Votes:7.06
You Average Votes:5.95
Dolly Parton Average Votes:4.00
Traditional Roles Blown Away Average Votes:6.41
The Rules Average Votes:5.93
A Long Life? Average Votes:3.25
This Place Stinks Average Votes:6.93
Never Hire A Man To Do A Womans Job Average Votes:8.28
No Way Average Votes:6.24
How Much Is That Barbie In The Window Average Votes:6.39
Brains Available Average Votes:4.62
The Better Mistress Average Votes:6.83
10 things only women understand Average Votes:4.68
10 ways to know if you have PMS Average Votes:5.17
Men & Women At An ATM Average Votes:6.56
Simple Division Average Votes:5.52
Ask Another Doctor Average Votes:6.85
After The Funeral Average Votes:5.44
Which Way? Average Votes:5.77
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