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Honest Lawyer Average Votes:5.31
Honesty Game Average Votes:6.10
Texas vs NY Average Votes:7.50
Bad News Average Votes:5.02
Punishment Average Votes:4.63
Materialistic Average Votes:3.85
Practicing Average Votes:5.60
Two People Average Votes:4.79
Heart Transplent Average Votes:5.41
Dead Lawyer Average Votes:5.43
My Lexus! Average Votes:7.13
Smart Blonde Average Votes:7.97
A Lot Of Valentines Average Votes:4.96
Eating Grass Average Votes:5.42
Double The Wish Average Votes:7.31
Unjustice In Hell Average Votes:5.61
Crashing Lawyers Average Votes:3.75
The oldest profession Average Votes:4.53
What's The Charge? Average Votes:5.01
Bilingual Lawyer Average Votes:5.29
Unlucky Lawyer Average Votes:5.98
Honesty Average Votes:6.01
Dead Or Alive Average Votes:5.82
Replacing The Judge Average Votes:4.67
Hit The Lawyer Average Votes:5.28
Legal Despute Average Votes:6.53
Urgent Call Average Votes:3.57
Start Running Average Votes:4.80
Practicing Art Average Votes:5.22
Easing The Taste Average Votes:4.62
Money For The Dead Average Votes:5.49
Daddy's Job Average Votes:3.86
A Woman's Punishment Average Votes:4.09
Ounces Of Brain For Sale Average Votes:4.65
Is This Love For Lawyers? Average Votes:4.92
Profesions Fight Average Votes:6.66
Lawyer Hater Average Votes:4.93
Overcrowded Heaven Average Votes:4.78
Real Quotes From Court Average Votes:7.85
A Worthwhile Burial Average Votes:3.76
Popes And Lawyers Average Votes:4.39
Heaven's Test Average Votes:5.56
Texas Justice Average Votes:6.89
Generous Lawyer Average Votes:6.09
Generous Lawyer Average Votes:5.44
No Need To Pay Average Votes:4.45
Robbing Lawyers Average Votes:4.69
DNA Tests Average Votes:3.64
Lawyer Marriage Average Votes:6.40
Eating Grass Average Votes:6.36
Lawyers Jury Average Votes:3.57
Last Job Average Votes:3.68
Amulance Race Average Votes:3.86
Urgent Call Average Votes:3.88
Honest Lawyer Average Votes:4.92
Haircut Average Votes:5.31
Sending The Bill Average Votes:5.37
Lawyer's Contribution Average Votes:6.05
Profesional Advice Average Votes:4.77
Lawyers Q&A Average Votes:5.45
Godfather's Lawyer Average Votes:7.19
Don't Tell Mother Average Votes:2.97
Memories From Court Average Votes:7.14
Dogs And Lawyers Average Votes:3.16
Murder Trial Average Votes:6.16
Lawyer At A Plane Average Votes:3.13
Engineer In Hell Average Votes:6.41
Outwitting a Lawyer Average Votes:5.68
Corruption Average Votes:7.02
Devil's Offer Average Votes:4.75
His Happy Valentine Average Votes:4.88
Applicants For Mars Trip Average Votes:6.54
Taking It With You Average Votes:4.19
Money For Next Life Average Votes:4.46
The Lawyer's Donation Average Votes:5.11
Lawyer Funeral Average Votes:5.00
My Daddy Is A Lawyer Average Votes:5.18
Surgical Patients Average Votes:6.77
Blind Golfers Average Votes:6.02
Night At The Barn Average Votes:5.40
Penny Pincher Average Votes:4.19
The Bunny and The Snake Average Votes:6.28
Being Pregnant Average Votes:5.19
Bombs Average Votes:3.64
Laywer's BMW Average Votes:6.53
An Honest Mistake Average Votes:4.20
A Cruise Average Votes:3.22
Top Ten Dirty Lawyer Sayings Average Votes:7.19
Roadkill Average Votes:5.39
Punishment Average Votes:5.02
Which Would You Rather Operate On? Average Votes:7.05
That's where they are from... Average Votes:5.84
Men Unite Average Votes:4.61
I Would Have Given More Had I Known... Average Votes:5.81
Even Pigs Have Standards Average Votes:7.17
Lawyer Fees Are Ridiculous! Average Votes:5.19
2 People In One Grave? Average Votes:6.32
Lawyer's Are Full Of Bull Average Votes:7.15
Spineless Roadkill Average Votes:5.50
Changes In Hell Average Votes:6.23
Ticket Please Average Votes:8.07
160 Years Old Average Votes:4.47
Carl Lewis He Ain't Average Votes:6.83
Donations To The United Way Average Votes:7.68
Dishonest Lawyer Average Votes:6.98
Burial Average Votes:2.36
Still A Virgin Average Votes:6.77
Good News And Bad News Average Votes:5.41
Valentines Average Votes:6.06
Lawyers Leave A Bad Taste Average Votes:5.45
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