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Pulling A Tooth Average Votes:6.91
Husband Compliment Average Votes:6.30
Loving Husband Average Votes:5.37
Love Life Problems Average Votes:6.40
Marriage Conclusion Average Votes:6.91
Rescue Bill Average Votes:5.40
Drunk Driver Average Votes:5.48
Happy Pharmacist Average Votes:6.10
Union Rules Average Votes:5.71
Teaching A Lesson Average Votes:6.43
Shopping Average Votes:7.45
Argument Average Votes:6.24
Marriage Average Votes:7.16
Deaf Night Out Average Votes:5.14
Improvement Average Votes:5.60
How Long Average Votes:7.27
The Happy Hangover Average Votes:7.88
Bartenders Mistake Average Votes:5.00
How To Impress Average Votes:6.84
Going To Sleep Average Votes:6.23
A Mormon Average Votes:7.26
First Prize Average Votes:6.68
Drunk Again Average Votes:5.58
Harley Davidson Average Votes:8.30
Lamaze Class Average Votes:6.43
Irish Drinking Average Votes:5.05
Men Earrings Average Votes:6.18
Elderly Patient Average Votes:7.31
Three Friends Average Votes:4.18
Room Service Average Votes:4.46
Special Day Average Votes:4.58
Annual Physical Average Votes:7.31
Good Luck Average Votes:6.52
Marriage Lies Average Votes:7.80
Going Out Average Votes:4.62
Surgery Average Votes:6.18
Grieving Average Votes:6.44
Mother In Law Average Votes:6.43
Savings Average Votes:6.87
Special Price Average Votes:6.09
Bra Types Average Votes:5.83
Inconsistency Average Votes:6.76
Confession Average Votes:7.25
Doctor Advice Average Votes:4.34
Long Marrige Average Votes:5.55
Important Rules For Men Average Votes:6.96
Riding The Camel Average Votes:7.09
Lamaze Class Average Votes:5.02
Birthday Present Average Votes:7.18
Going All Night Average Votes:6.74
Doctor Affair Average Votes:6.29
Dumb Husband Average Votes:5.33
Going To Sleep Average Votes:5.93
Pain Relifes Average Votes:4.52
Success With Women Average Votes:5.34
Fooling Around Average Votes:6.85
Just Like Mom Average Votes:5.92
Husband Prank Average Votes:5.14
Too Drunk Average Votes:5.37
Guardian Angel Average Votes:4.55
Peace And Quiet Average Votes:6.61
Mistakes Of Another Average Votes:4.45
Cover Up Average Votes:4.94
Golf Balls Average Votes:5.85
New York Visit Average Votes:6.02
Wild Things Average Votes:6.87
Designated Drunk Average Votes:6.45
Don't Push The Buttons Average Votes:6.58
Little Birdie Average Votes:5.94
Sex All Day Average Votes:4.92
Paralyzed Friend Average Votes:6.32
Thinks I'm God Average Votes:3.47
Samples Average Votes:6.78
Can't Speak Average Votes:4.94
Ripping The Panties Average Votes:5.12
Rodeo Sex Average Votes:6.81
69 Average Votes:6.32
Hiding Bag Average Votes:6.05
'Here After' Routine Average Votes:4.04
Going On Vacation Average Votes:6.82
Untrusted Average Votes:5.53
Crazy First Night Average Votes:6.53
Anti-Sleep Treatment Average Votes:8.19
The Counsler Average Votes:5.96
Buried In The Holy Land Average Votes:7.60
Accountant's Tatoo Average Votes:8.09
Italian Lover Average Votes:6.79
Taming The Wife Average Votes:6.58
Keep The Motor Running Average Votes:7.39
Anniversary Average Votes:5.77
Or What? Average Votes:6.93
Honesty Date Average Votes:5.40
Changing Bob Average Votes:5.21
Nakes Costume Average Votes:4.31
New Secretary Average Votes:7.55
Perfect Shot Average Votes:4.38
Rye Bread Average Votes:5.68
Premature Average Votes:5.37
Drinking Like Crazy Average Votes:5.10
Catching The Gorilla Average Votes:7.07
Could Have Been Worse Average Votes:7.25
No More Women Average Votes:5.02
Duct Tape Average Votes:7.01
Pills To The Bull Average Votes:4.75
Confession Average Votes:5.89
Black Powder Average Votes:5.40
Angry Shiek Average Votes:6.87
Sex With Tarazan Average Votes:6.77
90 And Going Strong Average Votes:6.82
83rd Birthday Average Votes:6.36
Who's Counting Average Votes:7.21
Lots Of Vodka Average Votes:5.69
Millionaire's Wife Average Votes:4.96
Bad News From The Doc Average Votes:4.62
24 Hours Average Votes:6.53
Old Wedding Average Votes:6.85
Old Curse Average Votes:6.15
How Old Are You Average Votes:4.76
Waiting For A Haircut Average Votes:6.21
Pickle Slicer Average Votes:7.55
Concerned Father Average Votes:5.73
6 Minutes Late Average Votes:6.38
Wrong Operation Average Votes:5.33
Jack Or Jill Average Votes:5.94
Husband Calling Average Votes:5.12
Equipment Average Votes:6.59
Anatomy At The Zoo Average Votes:5.43
Nude Running Average Votes:7.06
Pretending Average Votes:4.23
Freezing Competition Average Votes:6.46
Dying Of Thirst Average Votes:5.71
Perfect Revange Average Votes:5.11
Loud Train Average Votes:5.63
Insomnia Average Votes:4.80
Poisonous Snake Average Votes:6.01
Superheroes Party Average Votes:7.30
Chastity Belt Average Votes:6.03
Flat Tire Average Votes:5.20
New Boots Average Votes:7.49
Viagra Side Effects Average Votes:6.65
Deserted Boy Average Votes:4.31
Camel Fun Average Votes:6.97
Bad Sunburn Average Votes:5.30
Sex Competition Average Votes:4.91
Carmen Average Votes:5.71
Cutting Tail Average Votes:5.66
365 Times Average Votes:6.76
Stuttering Average Votes:6.16
Wearing The Pants Average Votes:7.24
Wonder Pill Average Votes:7.11
Big Boots Average Votes:5.55
Chores Average Votes:7.78
God's Two Gifts Average Votes:5.48
3 Viagras Average Votes:6.26
Young Wife Average Votes:7.33
Barrel Statisfaction Average Votes:7.19
Oh My God Average Votes:6.93
Liar Wife Average Votes:6.59
Small Head Average Votes:7.24
Killer Husband Average Votes:5.47
Searching For Perfection Average Votes:4.79
Italian Present Average Votes:5.81
Chpped Off Average Votes:5.45
Hypnosis Average Votes:5.54
No Sex Since 1955 Average Votes:7.00
Killing Flies Average Votes:5.99
A Day Earlier Average Votes:3.70
Old Man's Confession Average Votes:5.22
Dog Track Average Votes:5.73
Telling The Truth Average Votes:7.41
Putting It In Average Votes:6.66
Bending Drunk Average Votes:5.42
Kind Costumer Average Votes:5.45
Too Tired For Romance Average Votes:5.79
Elbow Problem Average Votes:8.61
Bad Day Average Votes:4.61
Masurbating Problem Average Votes:6.90
3 Words Average Votes:5.40
Sex Schedule Average Votes:4.80
Adam's Questions Average Votes:5.80
Too Many Buttons Average Votes:7.22
Bad Wish Average Votes:7.47
Knowing The Difference Average Votes:3.92
Making Love Average Votes:4.15
Losing Weight Average Votes:7.31
Old Man Average Votes:7.87
Smoking In Bed Average Votes:4.78
Bowling Night Average Votes:8.04
Hermaphrodite Average Votes:5.49
Controling The Wife Average Votes:5.14
Muscular Man Average Votes:6.77
Waiting On Viagra Average Votes:5.52
69 Average Votes:7.30
Headaches Average Votes:8.21
Camel Urges Average Votes:7.82
Not Seeing Average Votes:6.12
Bad Golfer Average Votes:4.87
Officer Mike Average Votes:5.32
Sex Capabilities Average Votes:5.98
Different Boys Average Votes:6.43
Small Problem Average Votes:5.30
Irish Wedding Average Votes:6.87
Helpfull Cabby Average Votes:6.48
Exposed Average Votes:5.61
Friend For Dinner Average Votes:5.07
Late Adultery Average Votes:6.09
Ten Dollars Average Votes:7.21
Mickey Mouse Divorcing Average Votes:7.17
Cleaning Money Average Votes:5.99
Rubber Thingy Average Votes:6.32
Genie's Wish Average Votes:8.21
True Story Average Votes:8.01
The Hitman Average Votes:7.33
Tooth Pulling Average Votes:5.61
Supersex Average Votes:3.84
Obsession Average Votes:5.13
Paranoia Average Votes:5.20
Being Unfriendly Average Votes:5.87
Model Neighbour Average Votes:3.91
Just Like Dave Average Votes:4.49
Man With An Earring Average Votes:5.05
Stuttering Problem Average Votes:6.26
Freudian Slip Average Votes:5.72
The Chastity Belt Average Votes:6.16
Husband's Compliments Average Votes:6.15
Statue Of Infidelity Average Votes:7.33
Casino Nudity Average Votes:7.13
Marriage Counseling Average Votes:6.29
Good Reason Average Votes:4.41
Steal No Hats! Average Votes:5.95
Generous Woman Average Votes:3.91
Consoling A Friend Average Votes:5.07
Out Of Gas Average Votes:3.81
Looking For Revange Average Votes:7.34
Like A Baby Average Votes:7.30
Lurid Past Average Votes:6.32
Breakfast Argument Average Votes:5.71
Picky Cannibals Average Votes:5.26
Snails Average Votes:4.42
Nude Gallery Average Votes:5.28
Pickle Slicer Average Votes:5.69
Smell Of A Brothel Average Votes:3.96
Viagra For The Elderly Average Votes:6.59
The Shoe Average Votes:4.54
Reincarnation Average Votes:7.83
Hypnosis Average Votes:6.56
Three Kinds Average Votes:7.40
Cold Hands Average Votes:6.01
Friendship Average Votes:6.19
Shy Guy Average Votes:6.07
T-Day Average Votes:6.64
Twenty Dollars Average Votes:5.18
Waiting To Go Home Average Votes:5.51
Birthday Present Average Votes:6.75
New Kilt Average Votes:6.15
A cLose Shave Average Votes:5.12
Far East Problem Average Votes:6.47
Costume Party Average Votes:8.39
No Pants Average Votes:6.05
Sitting In The Car Average Votes:5.26
Under The Table Average Votes:4.79
Viagra For The Elderly Average Votes:6.00
The Boss Average Votes:5.13
New Manhood Average Votes:5.02
Problem With Moths Average Votes:6.18
Doctor's Note Average Votes:1.89
Hearing Problem Average Votes:6.16
Bunch Of Babies Average Votes:4.83
Home Cooked Meal Average Votes:4.95
Sliding Down Average Votes:4.83
Chinese Sex Average Votes:5.28
Saving For Marriage Average Votes:4.23
Anatomy Average Votes:5.23
The Statue Average Votes:5.90
War Hero Average Votes:8.34
Cheating wife Average Votes:5.51
Silent Treatment Average Votes:6.05
Lesbians Average Votes:5.09
Tender Aligator Average Votes:6.78
Social Security Average Votes:6.69
Expensive Kiss Average Votes:6.74
Peace Average Votes:5.61
Ten Minutes Late Average Votes:6.35
Wearing An Earring Average Votes:5.49
Heavenly Punishment Average Votes:5.53
Guardian Angel Average Votes:5.45
24 Hours Left Average Votes:5.90
Everything I Need Average Votes:7.19
The Poor Camel Average Votes:8.13
Chimney's Obstacle Average Votes:6.31
The Shakes Average Votes:5.97
Expensive Prostitute Average Votes:7.70
Abstain From Sex Average Votes:5.94
Shining Beauty Average Votes:5.99
Sexy Lingerie Average Votes:5.46
Couldn't Get It Up Average Votes:5.82
Ten Dollars Average Votes:5.42
Sending Nude Pictures Average Votes:6.69
Oh MY God Average Votes:5.58
Understand My Needs Average Votes:7.10
Special Ring Average Votes:6.72
Sensitive Guy Average Votes:5.29
Sport Teams Average Votes:6.52
Headache Cure Average Votes:6.83
Pilot's Plans Average Votes:5.60
Lost Wives Average Votes:5.94
A Helping Hand Average Votes:6.71
Elephant Cure Average Votes:6.14
Interesting Point Of View Average Votes:6.44
Heat Wave Average Votes:6.29
Old Fingers Average Votes:4.06
Animal Orgasm Average Votes:4.89
Did You Call Me? Average Votes:6.52
Hanging Loose Average Votes:7.59
Sweet Revange Average Votes:9.40
Who's Child Is It? Average Votes:5.78
Serious Medical Problem Average Votes:7.33
Firm This Up! Average Votes:8.01
Stupid On The Beach Average Votes:7.36
Damaging Food Average Votes:7.07
Remember The Wife Average Votes:3.73
Tamed Wife Average Votes:5.28
Mary Ellen Average Votes:6.68
The Scotch Expert Average Votes:5.58
A Wife's Lecture Average Votes:3.62
Stick It If You Please Average Votes:6.20
The Value Of Ten Dollars Average Votes:7.30
Sex For Protection Average Votes:7.62
Elderly Sex Life Average Votes:4.12
Populate Earth Average Votes:4.88
God's Gifts Average Votes:6.13
Small Compensation Average Votes:4.45
Meeting The Parents Average Votes:8.15
How To Impress... Average Votes:5.95
Little Guy Average Votes:5.94
Get Your Coat On Average Votes:3.69
Creation of Man Average Votes:6.09
Bad Date Average Votes:4.37
Ranger In Danger Average Votes:7.35
Final Funeral? Average Votes:6.20
Deaf Sex Average Votes:6.62
First Time Nude Average Votes:5.90
Italian Divorce Average Votes:5.03
Doctor Tomorrow Average Votes:5.89
One..Two..Three And.. Average Votes:6.75
First Timers Average Votes:5.53
For The Ladies Average Votes:6.00
A Union Shop Average Votes:6.42
The Happy Mailman Average Votes:6.91
Gathering Snails Average Votes:6.15
Pregnancy Question Average Votes:3.51
Chicken At The Movies Average Votes:5.24
Mother Nature Average Votes:7.32
Open Fly Average Votes:7.38
Mircale Worker Average Votes:6.21
Foot Doctor Average Votes:5.37
Anniversary Trip Average Votes:5.33
Cheating Husband Average Votes:4.54
Furry Present Average Votes:4.66
Black Eyes Average Votes:6.36
Farm Date Average Votes:5.67
Border Questions Average Votes:4.52
Freudian Slip Average Votes:5.83
Brave Soldier Average Votes:5.00
New Rifle Average Votes:7.52
Art Fan Average Votes:5.15
Hot Potato Average Votes:5.80
Begging For It Average Votes:7.87
Laughing Horse Average Votes:6.16
Divorce Court Average Votes:3.87
Baseball Heaven Average Votes:5.45
Rigged Contest Average Votes:5.90
What Size? Average Votes:6.41
No Luck With Women Average Votes:4.35
Tarazan Having Sex Average Votes:6.72
Stupid Wives Average Votes:5.95
Bad Weather Average Votes:6.27
Birthday Present Average Votes:4.68
Woman In The Shadows Average Votes:7.07
Not Hungry Average Votes:6.74
If I Died... Average Votes:5.77
Male Virgin Average Votes:5.53
Before It Starts Average Votes:4.82
85 Year Old Groom Average Votes:5.93
Naked On The Porch Average Votes:6.09
$350 room Average Votes:6.82
1..2..3! Average Votes:6.15
Phone Call Average Votes:7.63
Coforting Words Average Votes:5.76
Your'e Beautiful! Average Votes:4.92
Special Day Average Votes:5.01
The Curse Average Votes:5.25
Items For Prison Average Votes:5.82
Double Vodkas Average Votes:7.41
Honey Pie Average Votes:4.46
Cover Story Average Votes:7.39
Magic Elevator Average Votes:7.22
Orgasm Condition Average Votes:6.35
Sharing A Blanket Average Votes:6.27
Want A Divorce? Average Votes:6.31
The Mule Average Votes:5.54
Making Love Average Votes:6.66
24 Hours Left Average Votes:6.69
Friend For Supper Average Votes:5.63
Good Friends Average Votes:7.48
Bank Loan Average Votes:7.54
Lottery Average Votes:6.29
Standing In Lines Average Votes:7.79
Guardian Angel Average Votes:6.00
Burn Patient Average Votes:5.88
Marriage Counselor Average Votes:5.80
Cheek To Buttocks Average Votes:7.37
Mating Bulls Average Votes:4.64
Mad Gorilla Average Votes:5.44
Cancelled Trip Average Votes:7.06
Bigger Breasts Average Votes:4.80
Sweaty Husband Average Votes:4.77
Birthday Gift Average Votes:5.28
Chastity Belt Average Votes:5.66
Church Test Average Votes:7.23
Wedding Night Average Votes:6.50
Warm Welcome Average Votes:5.54
Check-Up Average Votes:6.77
The Earing Average Votes:5.99
No More Headaches Average Votes:6.73
Regular Inspection Average Votes:6.16
Don't Say That! Average Votes:4.54
Heaven's Luxury Average Votes:6.52
Hearing Problems Average Votes:6.08
Strong Pill Average Votes:5.94
Obscene Note Average Votes:3.81
Birthday Presents Average Votes:6.10
Cindy's Boyfriend Average Votes:5.32
Private Grief Average Votes:6.22
The Pirate Average Votes:6.72
A Ride Home Average Votes:4.40
Access To Heaven Average Votes:5.49
Fired Secretary Average Votes:7.62
The French Pilot Average Votes:6.90
Olympic Condoms Average Votes:6.38
Burglary Average Votes:5.37
Tell The Difference Average Votes:5.42
Back To Life Average Votes:5.48
Lost Wife Average Votes:6.00
Going Fishing Average Votes:5.63
Pinocchio's Problem Average Votes:6.44
Good Sport Average Votes:4.50
Head Notice Average Votes:5.94
Take The Champagne! Average Votes:7.28
Not Your Business! Average Votes:4.99
Doing House-work Average Votes:5.75
Drinking For 10 Years Average Votes:3.66
Paying For It Average Votes:6.00
Getting Stiffer Average Votes:5.81
Road To Success Average Votes:5.42
On A Lonely Island Average Votes:5.80
Impossible Story Average Votes:5.51
Oh My God... Average Votes:5.87
Explaining Condoms Average Votes:6.63
Friend's Visit Average Votes:7.39
Caught In The Act Average Votes:5.18
The Expert Average Votes:3.91
Errection Problems Average Votes:6.97
Vibrator Husband Average Votes:5.01
Secret Box Average Votes:5.62
Smart Cat Average Votes:7.09
Golf Funeral Average Votes:5.95
Love On The Island Average Votes:4.56
Working Nuns Average Votes:7.03
Welcome To Hell Average Votes:6.88
Great Toast Average Votes:7.70
Cuckoo Clock Average Votes:6.00
Wedding Deal Average Votes:5.40
Cow Auction Average Votes:5.57
Love For 365 Days Average Votes:7.06
Wrongly Put Average Votes:6.13
A Wish For Ex-Wife Average Votes:6.24
Nymphomaniac Convention Average Votes:6.11
A Town Without Women Average Votes:6.08
Valentine Dream Average Votes:4.66
Can't Explain Average Votes:5.90
A Trip To Mars Average Votes:8.63
Perfect Life Average Votes:6.03
SuperBowl Seat Average Votes:6.59
Explaining Sex Average Votes:7.61
Superball Fever Average Votes:5.80
New-Born Spaghetti Average Votes:7.20
How Often Man Have Sex Average Votes:5.15
Girls' Night Out Average Votes:6.55
James Bond's Special Watch Average Votes:8.02
Almost Midnight Average Votes:4.97
Christmas - Getting Into Heaven Average Votes:6.41
Making Love Average Votes:6.75
The Irishman Average Votes:4.55
Want to be smaller Average Votes:6.85
Using banana-skin Average Votes:4.10
Lomesome Cowboy Average Votes:6.32
Unwanted Marrige Average Votes:5.34
Sex Problems Average Votes:5.82
Dinner At Strip Club Average Votes:6.64
Alimony Average Votes:4.92
What's Your Punishment? Average Votes:7.58
41 Rules Men Wish Women Knew Average Votes:5.68
Bra Sizes Average Votes:5.69
60 Things Not to Say... Average Votes:5.64
Why Men Can't Win Average Votes:6.41
Nice Guy Average Votes:5.24
Funeral Service Average Votes:5.12
Party All Night Average Votes:6.48
Driving Drunk Average Votes:5.18
Pick-Up Lines Average Votes:7.27
Pickle Slicer Average Votes:8.09
At The Dentist Average Votes:4.25
College Rules Average Votes:5.26
Firm This Up Average Votes:7.11
The Gunfighter Average Votes:6.10
Ten Things Average Votes:4.34
Potatoes Average Votes:7.17
Build Me a Bridge Average Votes:7.25
Man Talks to God Average Votes:7.02
Food Spoilage Tests For Bachelors Average Votes:5.34
Better Than Pork Average Votes:4.66
You Were Warned Average Votes:5.31
Lost Husband Average Votes:3.52
Alimony Average Votes:5.25
All About Adam Average Votes:4.00
Go Fly A Kite Average Votes:3.88
About Men Average Votes:5.89
Toilet Paper Average Votes:6.55
The Test Average Votes:6.71
Tic, Tic, Tic Average Votes:7.30
50 dollars is 50 dollars Average Votes:7.22
3 Wishes Average Votes:5.68
Halloween Party Average Votes:6.34
Men Ruling Average Votes:6.02
A Blondes Legs Average Votes:4.04
College Female Dorms Average Votes:5.33
Rough Day At The Bar Average Votes:6.75
Lilttle Green Man Average Votes:2.58
Speak Slowly Average Votes:5.93
Torah Scholar Average Votes:4.79
Whatcha Got There? Average Votes:7.14
Bartendar Bets Average Votes:5.63
The Slanty Ryed Foreman Average Votes:6.10
Teamsters Average Votes:6.02
Golf Funeral Average Votes:5.81
Cellmates Average Votes:4.22
Clocks in Heaven Average Votes:6.52
Patent Leather Shoes Average Votes:4.55
Orange Aid Average Votes:5.59
Men Are Like... Average Votes:6.38
Meatballs Average Votes:5.76
Horny Captain Average Votes:5.86
Im Sorry Average Votes:5.90
Three Hillbillies Average Votes:6.11
Christmas Party Average Votes:6.36
Penis Study Average Votes:7.05
The Docters Cure Average Votes:5.19
Don't Laugh Average Votes:7.65
Firemen Sex Average Votes:7.05
Hot and Cold Average Votes:6.36
Proud Fathers Average Votes:8.24
I slept with your mother Average Votes:4.82
Golf Course Average Votes:6.41
Top Ten Places Average Votes:3.82
Club Championship Average Votes:5.28
Saber tooth tigar Average Votes:6.11
3 Last Requests Average Votes:5.23
Woman In The Men Bathroom Average Votes:4.58
Ireland Bar Average Votes:5.76
You Look Terrible Average Votes:4.13
Never Been With A Woman Average Votes:5.23
Mother-in-Law Average Votes:5.84
Top Ten Average Votes:4.31
If Only Men Would Listen Average Votes:5.06
No Lighter Average Votes:4.12
The Pharmacist Average Votes:7.42
The Sandwiches Average Votes:5.61
ATR Average Votes:6.81
The Cleaning Bill Average Votes:6.00
Golden Saloon Average Votes:4.97
Dog Food Average Votes:4.82
Bad Florist Average Votes:6.00
Genie Average Votes:4.13
a man's world Average Votes:6.22
The Milkman Average Votes:4.50
In the elevator Average Votes:6.77
Two men fishing Average Votes:4.83
paddys lawn Average Votes:3.56
3 wishes Average Votes:3.42
da gay club Average Votes:5.83
Golfer in Heaven Average Votes:4.37
Pick-up Lines Average Votes:5.35
Dogs and Men Average Votes:4.66
A Transplant Average Votes:4.98
Facelift Average Votes:5.58
Women Domination Average Votes:4.79
Men are Like... Average Votes:5.36
Devil Average Votes:5.43
Devil Average Votes:5.18
Rules Guys Wish Women Knew Average Votes:5.47
Peanut In His Ears Average Votes:5.73
Dentist Average Votes:4.45
Old George Average Votes:6.30
Manhood Average Votes:4.76
Drinks Average Votes:3.85
the one handed man Average Votes:2.56
Man in Gay Bar Average Votes:2.83
Balls Average Votes:4.71
Small world Average Votes:4.67
secret Average Votes:4.80
A.T.R. Average Votes:4.90
boyfriends Average Votes:6.39
THE BAR BET Average Votes:5.45
Fresh From Jail Average Votes:5.08
My Wife Will Mow The Lawn Average Votes:5.79
Russian-Made Vodka Average Votes:7.15
The Name Of Your Penis Average Votes:5.07
Monkey Lovin' Average Votes:6.81
The Old Man's Ready Average Votes:7.53
The Sperm Bank Heist Average Votes:7.57
The Horny Rooster Average Votes:7.84
Now That Would Be Magic! Average Votes:7.03
The Empty Jar Average Votes:7.86
A New Golfing Buddy Average Votes:6.50
Death By Fruit Average Votes:8.69
A Scot With Many Talents Average Votes:7.65
The Best Prostitute Average Votes:8.41
For Everything Else - There's Mastercard Average Votes:5.02
Hung Like A Spud Average Votes:5.59
Abe The Lover Average Votes:4.25
Deaf & Dumb Average Votes:3.90
Missionarry Soup Average Votes:6.00
Party Animal Average Votes:7.19
The Other Hole Average Votes:7.13
Men Jokes Average Votes:5.75
How to shower like a man Average Votes:6.20
Don't Stroke At Midnight Average Votes:6.03
If Dear Abby Was A Man Average Votes:5.98
Sex - 3 Times In 1 Night Average Votes:7.59
Watch What You Wish For Average Votes:7.67
Blow job etiquitte for men... Average Votes:7.64
I'm Glad I'm a man Average Votes:4.04
Things never to say to a naked man Average Votes:7.46
Men are like..... Average Votes:6.85
Flea Joke Average Votes:7.99
Bingo Average Votes:5.57
Viagra slogans Average Votes:4.85
Rules that guys wished girls knew Average Votes:7.21
Elephant implants Average Votes:8.10
The sneeze Average Votes:7.41
Fortune Telling Machines Average Votes:8.30
Top 10 - What If Man Awoke With A Vagina Average Votes:7.74
Is Laughter Really The Best Medicine? Average Votes:7.98
20 Years In Jail Average Votes:6.45
How To Deal With Your Angry Wife Average Votes:8.14
Let's Play - Who Wants To Be A Millionaire! Average Votes:4.95
Get Me Out Of Here Average Votes:3.90
What's Your G.P.A? Average Votes:3.14
The Way Men Really Feel About Marriage Average Votes:7.37
They Just Don't Listen Average Votes:3.03
Dearly Departed Average Votes:7.10
He Needs Convincing That He Likes Sex Average Votes:5.97
What A Bachelor Average Votes:5.33
A Fairy Average Votes:6.41
A Sub-Par Life Average Votes:5.75
Three Wishes For Men Average Votes:5.70
Was She Begging For You? Average Votes:5.00
Pandamonium Average Votes:5.45
Drink-Buying Mushroom Average Votes:2.77
Darwin's Theory Average Votes:2.83
Should You Fix It? Average Votes:3.29
Oops Average Votes:8.27
Throw The Cat - I'm Open! Average Votes:5.32
Mile High Club? Average Votes:6.39
Men And Bonds Average Votes:4.94
Plan For The Future Average Votes:5.14
Mary Lou Average Votes:4.80
How Many Men? Average Votes:5.69
Construction Workers Average Votes:3.71
Fathers and Sons Average Votes:6.74
How Many People Have You Slept With? Average Votes:4.26
You Were There Average Votes:6.64
A Seminar Average Votes:2.86
Zipper Average Votes:7.55
Shmuck Average Votes:6.92
What Do They Wear? Average Votes:6.61
The Young Punker And The Old Man Average Votes:7.86
What Is The Difference? Average Votes:3.64
The Smearing Aid Average Votes:6.36
E.T. vs. Man Average Votes:5.00
The Sex Change Average Votes:3.26
Evolution Average Votes:3.40
The Kid Has A Dream Average Votes:5.00
Men Are Like Wine Average Votes:4.40
The Dentist Average Votes:4.81
Dumb Jocks Average Votes:4.13
Do Something Nice For Dad Average Votes:3.29
The Stupid Fishing Buddies Average Votes:5.04
The Impossible Wish Average Votes:8.08
The Ladies Man Average Votes:4.07
Impatient Farmer Average Votes:4.81
G.I. Joe Fights For Benefit Average Votes:7.31
Canadian Trader Average Votes:3.63
Christmas Morning Surprise Average Votes:8.21
Bungee Jumping In Mexico Average Votes:6.83
Divorce Court Average Votes:4.62
Weight Average Votes:3.96
More Effort Needed Average Votes:2.30
TEE TIME Average Votes:4.06
Condom Count Average Votes:6.88
Because I'm a guy Average Votes:5.90
Who enjoys sex more? Average Votes:6.91
Balls Average Votes:6.50
Men's answers to women's questions Average Votes:6.44
Barmen's Prayer Average Votes:5.61
How to impress Average Votes:6.90
Visual Proof Average Votes:6.87
Awfully Quiet Now Average Votes:5.74
Men Suck Average Votes:3.95
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