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Casino Money Average Votes:6.05
Arabic Ad Average Votes:6.35
Work In Winter Average Votes:5.72
Choking Procedure Average Votes:6.75
Directions Average Votes:5.26
The Hunter Average Votes:6.78
Murphy's Flight Laws Average Votes:5.64
Jewish Business Average Votes:7.15
Doctor Qualities Average Votes:7.07
Playing Doctor Average Votes:4.38
Bird Viagra Average Votes:6.84
Good Alaskan Fishing Average Votes:6.21
Borrowing Money Average Votes:3.70
Management Course Average Votes:8.64
Retirement Center Average Votes:6.66
Manager Advice Average Votes:5.98
Speeding Average Votes:5.21
Wandering Dog Average Votes:6.55
Viagra Average Votes:6.81
Kinds Of Sex Average Votes:6.58
Vet Exam Average Votes:6.17
Fishing Average Votes:4.44
Ireland Crash Average Votes:6.15
Wooden leg pig Average Votes:4.43
Kiwis Average Votes:4.28
Retirement Home Average Votes:4.84
Falling Asleep Average Votes:5.61
Investment Average Votes:5.55
New Hearing Aid Average Votes:5.59
Oklahoma Average Votes:3.54
Vampire Blood Average Votes:6.62
Snoring Problems Average Votes:6.98
Cheap Bar Average Votes:6.81
Hairy Armpits Average Votes:5.60
Free Drinks Average Votes:6.44
Fishing Average Votes:5.69
Circle Of Life Average Votes:6.80
Appointments Average Votes:6.38
Lack Of Tact Average Votes:6.98
Out Of Jail Average Votes:7.38
Personal Question Average Votes:5.57
Hearing Check Average Votes:6.03
Elder Pick Up Average Votes:5.06
Dog??s Life Average Votes:3.77
At Pearly Gates Average Votes:5.36
Mugged Average Votes:4.23
Paying The Bill Average Votes:6.39
Lion's Fan Average Votes:5.60
Blind??s Sports Average Votes:4.57
No Kidding Average Votes:6.55
Go To Work Average Votes:7.58
One Thing We Can Do Average Votes:5.55
Nursing Home Average Votes:7.38
Kind Assassins Average Votes:4.24
Delivery Problems Average Votes:6.60
Taxi Incident Average Votes:6.07
Stop That Average Votes:5.26
Haircut Average Votes:6.32
Realizing Average Votes:6.94
Making A Fortune Average Votes:4.86
Smart Investment Average Votes:4.98
Cough Treatment Average Votes:6.69
Better News Average Votes:4.24
Wrong Expression Average Votes:7.18
Old Marriage Average Votes:4.21
Need Light Average Votes:6.13
3 Wishes Average Votes:6.93
Fixed Hearing Average Votes:7.17
Bad Doctor News Average Votes:6.39
Suicide Attempt Average Votes:6.09
Politness Average Votes:6.39
Day Off Average Votes:6.23
Too Enthusiastic Average Votes:4.99
Decent Crook Average Votes:4.40
Unhappy Pharmacist Average Votes:6.05
Medial Solution Average Votes:4.23
More Uses Average Votes:4.72
Confusion Average Votes:6.28
Duck Hunting Average Votes:4.53
Memory Problems Average Votes:5.66
Letters Trick Average Votes:6.01
New Stock Average Votes:6.19
Finally An Answer Average Votes:4.51
Sniffer Dog Average Votes:6.71
Alcohol Honesty Average Votes:6.47
Lost Average Votes:6.65
Genie In A Bottle Average Votes:6.75
Doing The Math Average Votes:6.36
Mozart On The Bus Average Votes:4.11
No Gators Average Votes:6.81
Watergate Honeymoon Average Votes:5.25
Superman's Night Out Average Votes:7.30
Haircut Before The Trip Average Votes:7.34
Knowing The Time Average Votes:5.93
Familiar Jokes Average Votes:3.36
Died Of Diarrhoea Average Votes:5.29
Brave Pig Average Votes:4.47
Wrong Flowers Average Votes:5.63
Aliens In Arizona Average Votes:7.06
Small World Average Votes:4.29
Talented Hamster Average Votes:5.64
Visit To Ireland Average Votes:6.62
Talented Dog Average Votes:4.69
Smart Bribe Average Votes:6.28
Silent Fart Average Votes:6.41
New Prisoners Average Votes:2.90
Einstein's Chauffeur Average Votes:7.01
Usual Tip Average Votes:7.21
Saving Life Average Votes:6.68
Chihuahua Average Votes:6.38
College Donation Average Votes:5.15
Famous Sex Quotes Average Votes:7.68
As Fast As Ferrari Average Votes:4.69
Third Child Average Votes:6.09
Mabster Last Present Average Votes:5.79
Dirty Words Average Votes:5.18
Crossing Interstates Average Votes:6.21
3 Words Test Average Votes:5.25
Irish Skater Average Votes:3.92
Anxious Cab Driver Average Votes:6.56
Listening Indian Average Votes:6.19
Sign Language Average Votes:6.39
Christmas Parrot Average Votes:4.65
Noah's Ark Average Votes:7.53
Office Party Average Votes:6.87
Crueal Treatment Average Votes:3.91
Eating Dogs Average Votes:5.94
Hungry Monkey Average Votes:7.28
Showing Gratitude Average Votes:4.62
Speeding On The Bridge Average Votes:7.24
Snoring Roomate Average Votes:7.77
Expecting A Cold Winter Average Votes:7.72
Train Test Average Votes:5.94
It's The Carborator Average Votes:4.40
Convincing Lesson Average Votes:7.50
Porcupine Injury Average Votes:4.34
Confused Cowboy Average Votes:4.10
Brave Soldiers Average Votes:6.32
Obedience Average Votes:3.77
Meeting Gates Average Votes:4.62
Smart Thinking Average Votes:7.20
Sneaky Diagnosis Average Votes:7.35
Disappoiting Frog Average Votes:6.14
Prison Time Average Votes:4.72
Agriculture Degree Average Votes:7.54
Moon Or Sun Average Votes:4.55
Shitty Ducks Average Votes:4.54
Swearing Parrot Average Votes:6.46
Tickle Me Almo Average Votes:7.54
Rude Parrot Average Votes:4.13
Red Riding Hood Average Votes:6.29
Train Ride Average Votes:6.08
Know Who I Am? Average Votes:6.57
Expensive Smells Average Votes:6.37
Bonus Payment Average Votes:7.86
Alcohol Is Sin Average Votes:5.22
Hair Remover Average Votes:5.25
Bar Cop Average Votes:5.21
Alcoholic Nun Average Votes:7.24
Neglected Bills Average Votes:7.22
World Domains Average Votes:7.58
Sexy Signals Average Votes:7.34
Old Fire Truck Average Votes:6.20
Bad Smells Average Votes:4.70
Shrink Appointment Average Votes:2.60
The Pope And The Queen Average Votes:4.86
Brand New Outfit Average Votes:4.14
Anti-Drugs Rabbit Average Votes:7.58
Story With A Moral Average Votes:7.57
Beer Lake Average Votes:5.90
Talking Dog Average Votes:5.45
Heaven In Hell? Average Votes:6.18
Elephant Penis Average Votes:7.59
Brave Captain Average Votes:7.39
Foreseen Death Average Votes:4.97
Elk Hunting Average Votes:5.88
Getting Smarter Average Votes:5.98
4 Weeks Average Votes:6.61
Penny Scale Average Votes:4.48
Church Bells Sex Average Votes:7.35
Blind Pilots Average Votes:6.38
Crappy Story Average Votes:5.06
Animal Superbowl Average Votes:3.88
Rubbery Average Votes:5.20
Foul Mouths Average Votes:7.68
Bad Days Average Votes:6.55
Moth Problem Average Votes:3.58
Undercover Average Votes:2.81
Bloody Bat Average Votes:5.63
Duck Feed Average Votes:5.85
Sweethearts Average Votes:7.59
Picture Of Daddy Average Votes:7.03
Where's The Supply Average Votes:6.45
English Prisoner Average Votes:4.65
Crap Story Average Votes:4.78
Adapted Turtle Average Votes:5.70
Genius Dos Average Votes:6.65
Daily Farting Average Votes:7.38
Word Test Average Votes:7.01
Thrity In A Raw Average Votes:6.79
Dangerous Light Average Votes:7.45
Oops Average Votes:5.97
Food Problems Average Votes:3.76
Helpful Friend Average Votes:5.44
Baseball Fan Average Votes:5.77
Archery Contest Average Votes:3.75
Polish Sausage Average Votes:5.53
Waking Up Early Average Votes:5.02
Forgetfull Actor Average Votes:6.08
Blind Dog Average Votes:6.02
Management Problems Average Votes:6.14
Bus For Alaska Average Votes:4.73
Eat And Drink Average Votes:5.77
Team Effort Average Votes:5.60
Number 11 Average Votes:7.25
Wrong Number Average Votes:5.09
Amish Driver Average Votes:6.48
Bad Addiction Average Votes:3.98
Air Sick Average Votes:6.27
Indian Toilet Paper Average Votes:5.95
Irish Nut House Average Votes:5.39
95 Year Old Uncle Average Votes:3.86
Crawling Drunk Average Votes:6.54
Alien Sex Average Votes:6.68
Bubba Knows Everybody Average Votes:7.30
Not Fair Average Votes:5.10
Twice The Size Average Votes:5.31
Crime Of Thought Average Votes:6.48
Chinese Detective Average Votes:6.90
Job Application Average Votes:8.12
Obsessions Average Votes:7.84
Vaseline Average Votes:7.98
10 Years Average Votes:4.20
Shot 3 Times Average Votes:6.91
10 Pints Average Votes:5.73
Ticket Fare Average Votes:4.37
Lost Glass Eye Average Votes:5.38
Heaven And Hell Average Votes:3.86
Almost Silent Average Votes:4.47
Black Testicles? Average Votes:8.24
Clinton Days Average Votes:7.11
Free Riders Average Votes:6.91
A Flaming Story Average Votes:3.83
Bad Accident Average Votes:2.94
Memory Test Average Votes:4.23
New Partner Average Votes:3.49
Without Glasses Average Votes:6.19
Comeback Average Votes:3.95
3 Shots Of Whiskey Average Votes:6.37
Improving Sex Life Average Votes:6.63
Craving For Chili Average Votes:6.24
Everybody Drinks! Average Votes:3.91
Spitting In The Drink Average Votes:4.28
Praying And Sleeping Average Votes:6.51
Heavy Drinker Average Votes:5.17
I'm Only Sleeping Average Votes:6.39
Embarrassing Moment Average Votes:6.41
Kayak Accident Average Votes:5.78
The Envelopes Average Votes:4.65
Elderly Proposal Average Votes:6.85
Sleeping Pill Average Votes:4.81
Considering Cop Average Votes:5.51
Weird Counting Average Votes:6.34
Pet Lobsters Average Votes:5.07
New Rooster Average Votes:7.52
3 Against 2 Average Votes:4.69
Flasher Average Votes:6.09
Striking Up A Conversation Average Votes:6.74
Disorder In Court Average Votes:8.05
How To Make Money Average Votes:5.17
Under The Carpet Average Votes:5.64
Drunk Robbery Average Votes:5.05
Muddy Road Average Votes:4.35
When Will I Die? Average Votes:5.19
The Shit List Average Votes:8.21
Heroic Act Average Votes:7.77
English Lessons Average Votes:7.69
Second Opinion Average Votes:3.20
Driving Test Average Votes:6.34
Stolen Car Average Votes:4.87
Magic Caves Average Votes:6.09
Pulling Horse Average Votes:5.24
Havaii Average Votes:3.67
Sad Man Average Votes:4.88
Stolen Car Average Votes:4.32
All The Same Average Votes:5.16
Educating Parrots Average Votes:7.40
Helping The Drunk Average Votes:5.45
Stupid Wifes Average Votes:6.56
For Old Times Sake Average Votes:7.09
Terrible Sunburn Average Votes:5.22
Small World Average Votes:6.29
Searching The Rabbit Average Votes:6.64
Wrong Email Average Votes:7.52
Tickle Me Almo Average Votes:5.77
Memory Problems Average Votes:6.49
Drunked And Rubbed Average Votes:6.49
5 Minutes Left Average Votes:5.31
New Samurai Average Votes:5.28
Quiet Speech Average Votes:7.33
Forgiving Your Enemies Average Votes:7.83
Gay Family Average Votes:6.72
Bringing The Dead Average Votes:5.85
African Meal Average Votes:5.01
Late Returning Average Votes:5.93
Ghosts Average Votes:6.66
Gold Watch Is Gone Average Votes:3.79
Fair Dealings Average Votes:6.42
Long Life Average Votes:4.24
Snow Parking Average Votes:5.87
Big Chief Average Votes:5.70
Water, Please Average Votes:5.24
Super Natural Powers Average Votes:3.28
Head Swimming Average Votes:5.24
The Bet Average Votes:5.02
Whos'e Egg Is It? Average Votes:6.34
Silent Fart Average Votes:6.37
Martuni Average Votes:4.22
Bowels No Move! Average Votes:6.68
Bravery Average Votes:7.22
Great Party Average Votes:6.90
Godd Sons Average Votes:6.58
Poor Pirate Average Votes:5.87
Bad News Average Votes:4.21
Great Shape Average Votes:6.40
Great Sale Average Votes:4.84
Shouting Indian Average Votes:5.61
Armless Man Average Votes:5.01
Calling In Sick Average Votes:7.31
Chocolate Lover Average Votes:5.50
Missing Golfer Average Votes:6.09
The Afterlife Average Votes:6.66
Fighting The Taliban Average Votes:6.64
Biggest Liar Average Votes:5.63
Official Visits Average Votes:7.08
Dealing With Snoring Average Votes:6.97
Strong Man Average Votes:6.26
Falling Average Votes:6.74
Reluctant Cow Average Votes:5.07
39 Children Average Votes:7.30
Trip To Oz Average Votes:5.28
Tough Mice Average Votes:5.92
Contempt Of Court Average Votes:6.37
What's In A Name Average Votes:4.47
Snoring Problems Average Votes:6.33
First Date Average Votes:6.23
Curious Indian Boy Average Votes:6.40
Shocked President Average Votes:6.35
Drunk Test Average Votes:5.54
Revange In Vegas Average Votes:7.85
Race Winners Average Votes:3.94
Forbidden Fish Average Votes:5.24
Scotish Viewer Average Votes:6.86
Drinking Nun Average Votes:5.52
Silent Gas Average Votes:4.96
Cheap Bar Average Votes:6.16
Dead Cow Average Votes:7.26
Yiddish Speaker Average Votes:4.98
New Bull Average Votes:5.63
Old Man Fishing Average Votes:5.91
Free Falling Average Votes:4.94
Best Pubs Average Votes:5.11
Fly In The Beer Average Votes:5.78
Retired Explorer Average Votes:4.80
Beware Of Naked Peanuts Average Votes:6.12
Surviving Germs Average Votes:4.80
Put To Sleep Average Votes:7.06
That's Nice Average Votes:3.95
Bad Parrot Average Votes:6.72
Loves Country Music Average Votes:4.41
Trip To The Cemetery Average Votes:4.52
Bad Day Average Votes:5.78
Kiss My... Average Votes:5.49
Drinking Test Average Votes:5.43
Let Me Explain! Average Votes:5.57
Hearing Aid Average Votes:4.92
Gorila Remover Average Votes:6.82
Talking Centipede Average Votes:6.32
Crazy Save Average Votes:5.68
Deaf Speech Average Votes:7.53
A Foreman Average Votes:3.93
Fast As A Bullet Average Votes:3.80
Bad Day Average Votes:4.23
Watermelons Average Votes:5.33
Fleas On The Road Average Votes:6.79
Talking Peanuts Average Votes:4.27
Salesman's Nightmare Average Votes:7.87
Who Is Stupid? Average Votes:5.87
Talking Parrot Average Votes:6.62
No Milk Today Average Votes:6.51
Doing The Wrong Thing Average Votes:7.05
Importance Of A Name Average Votes:7.45
Speed Limit Average Votes:6.78
Flight Announcement Average Votes:6.61
Management Average Votes:6.51
Joke Telling Knowledge Average Votes:2.94
A Cop's Persistence Average Votes:5.58
Evasion Tactics Average Votes:7.65
Wrong Hole Average Votes:5.72
Resurrection Of The Dead Average Votes:4.66
A Real Fall Average Votes:3.26
Emergency Landing Average Votes:4.72
Corruption Trial Average Votes:5.56
Useless Exercise Average Votes:6.05
Drinking Tea Average Votes:5.10
Sending Telegrams Average Votes:7.03
The Pillsbury Doughboy Average Votes:5.86
Coca Cola Classics Average Votes:5.74
It's All In The Language Average Votes:6.77
Bad Luck In Action Average Votes:7.08
A Double's Jobe Riske Average Votes:4.40
A Group Policy Average Votes:4.14
Money's Politeness Average Votes:6.01
Talking Sex Average Votes:3.54
Number One Sport Average Votes:2.92
Death Or Booka Average Votes:5.53
Any Grapes? Average Votes:5.16
Who Is Calling? Average Votes:5.17
Cold Winter Average Votes:7.42
Strange Will Average Votes:3.48
Farting Contest Average Votes:6.30
Speeding Ticket Average Votes:7.63
Tough Mice Average Votes:6.21
Sudents' Wishes Average Votes:5.21
Lazy Workers Average Votes:4.54
Grown-Up Words Average Votes:6.40
Hammer Anyone? Average Votes:5.71
Rude Parrot Average Votes:6.35
Last Wish Average Votes:2.73
Seeing Dog Average Votes:5.48
The Risk of Being Adopted Average Votes:4.49
The Importance of Remembrance Average Votes:6.25
Find the Way Average Votes:6.01
Outsmart The Savages Average Votes:5.79
Eyes All Over Average Votes:4.12
Under The Carpet Average Votes:4.91
Efficiency Average Votes:7.11
Birthday Presents Average Votes:6.04
There Is Nothing Like A Good Meal Average Votes:6.69
Violent Bartender Average Votes:4.84
All Alone Average Votes:5.22
Lottery Win Average Votes:4.07
The World Shortest Books Average Votes:4.55
Money Frick Average Votes:7.18
Hiccups Average Votes:3.62
Things Not To Say In Bed Average Votes:5.06
Aging Average Votes:6.54
Old Wiskey Average Votes:5.26
The Poet And The Scientist Average Votes:6.95
A Walk In The Jungle Average Votes:5.07
Calling In Sick Average Votes:4.31
Burned Ear Average Votes:4.02
Crazy Blind-Dog Average Votes:5.85
Amish Adventure Average Votes:6.30
Bad Shape Average Votes:3.89
Getting Old Average Votes:4.41
Last Present Average Votes:5.33
Naughty Whales Average Votes:6.07
Playing Roulette Average Votes:6.82
Sounds Of Silence Average Votes:4.09
Canibal Family Average Votes:3.85
Drunk Test Average Votes:5.06
Genius Salesman Average Votes:4.84
Lion tamer Average Votes:4.17
Staying Alive Average Votes:5.65
Vatican Debate Average Votes:4.35
Suitable Clothes Average Votes:5.72
Three Vampires Average Votes:3.10
Bad News Average Votes:3.70
The Wall Average Votes:6.42
The Church Average Votes:5.84
Brave Hunters Average Votes:5.14
New Parrot Average Votes:6.36
3 Times Robbery Average Votes:3.22
Fish Heads Average Votes:5.55
Spanish Dinner Average Votes:5.83
Demand For A Raise Average Votes:4.49
Millionair's Loan Average Votes:6.26
Twenty Penguins Average Votes:5.38
Turned Wagon Average Votes:5.20
Indian Names Average Votes:6.55
Evil Brothers Average Votes:5.24
Mixed Family Average Votes:6.64
Smell The Fork Average Votes:7.25
Letters To Landlords Average Votes:4.45
Going Out Average Votes:7.47
Pretty Sick Man Average Votes:4.96
Hospital Charts Average Votes:6.68
Light Bulb Average Votes:2.66
Working Construction Average Votes:7.36
My Brother's Driving Average Votes:4.06
Welcome To Oz Average Votes:6.06
Cold Water Average Votes:5.70
The Pirate Average Votes:4.94
New Home Average Votes:5.77
Free Haircut Average Votes:5.42
Forest Wishes Average Votes:6.07
I'm Not Paying Average Votes:5.97
The Photographer Average Votes:7.46
The Experiment Average Votes:5.00
Doctor's Love Average Votes:6.10
Duck Expert Average Votes:6.41
Train Sit Average Votes:7.39
10 Pints Average Votes:5.95
12 Year Old Whisky Average Votes:6.00
That's Not It! Average Votes:4.53
All Strung Out Average Votes:5.21
Cheap Cruise Average Votes:3.74
Brave Guide Average Votes:4.07
Scarry Landing Average Votes:6.17
Motor Bullies Average Votes:6.66
Free Almonds Average Votes:6.54
Last Request Average Votes:3.48
Smelling Nice Average Votes:6.68
Happy Soldiers Average Votes:6.43
Diving Accident Average Votes:4.90
Shrinks' Problems Average Votes:8.13
The Wrong Way Average Votes:5.30
Sugar Cookies Average Votes:6.77
Not Enough Bread Average Votes:3.85
Lost Cigarettes Average Votes:4.81
Great Britain Average Votes:6.09
Where Are We? Average Votes:4.74
Kinky Parrots Average Votes:5.75
Flying Turtle Average Votes:4.18
Don't Answer! Average Votes:6.60
Driving With Penguins Average Votes:5.79
Turtles At A Picnic Average Votes:5.40
Religious Parrot Average Votes:4.42
No Milk Average Votes:5.67
Watch Your Mouth Average Votes:6.70
Golf Game Average Votes:4.75
Free Drinks Average Votes:4.87
Engineering Students Average Votes:4.71
Gas Emissions Average Votes:5.36
Landing Announcement Average Votes:6.70
Camel Questions Average Votes:4.76
New Farmer Average Votes:5.91
Good Sale Average Votes:5.19
Thank Stalin Average Votes:3.48
A Day Off Average Votes:5.88
Last Request Average Votes:6.49
IRS Visit Average Votes:6.97
Old Brake Up Average Votes:3.29
Cannibals Meal Average Votes:6.22
Signs That You're Broke Average Votes:4.49
Nursing Home Average Votes:6.77
Human Monkey Average Votes:5.91
Water For The Emir Average Votes:6.37
Bad News Average Votes:3.78
Divorce Average Votes:6.78
Sam The Man Average Votes:6.41
The Blind Man Average Votes:4.71
One Last Song Average Votes:4.67
Visit To Rome Average Votes:5.53
Polish Paratrooper Average Votes:3.04
New Son-In-Law Average Votes:4.62
Vatican Debate Average Votes:6.42
Welcome To Hell Average Votes:6.76
The Miracle Average Votes:4.46
B-b-b-i-b-l-e-s! Average Votes:5.82
Prayer Wanted Average Votes:5.20
Wise-Guy Parrot Average Votes:6.35
Fleeing The Draft Average Votes:6.85
Winking Saler Average Votes:6.56
The Gambler Average Votes:7.58
Insulting Comment Average Votes:4.72
Just A Push Average Votes:4.19
Drunk Confession Average Votes:4.80
Guiness Accident Average Votes:4.56
GI Insurance Average Votes:6.94
My Homeland Average Votes:4.72
Contagious Virus Average Votes:4.76
The Brewery Average Votes:4.28
Two Envelopes Average Votes:3.83
Olympic Ice-Skating Average Votes:3.83
Olympic Village Average Votes:2.98
Olympic Wrestlers Average Votes:7.75
The Horse and Chicken Average Votes:6.85
Caddy-Golder Dialogues Average Votes:5.36
Licking Tiger Average Votes:4.98
Better Be Careful! Average Votes:5.95
Hearing Problems Average Votes:5.67
IRS Clothes Average Votes:6.58
Brave Captain Average Votes:7.36
Annoying Alien Average Votes:5.16
Knock On Wood Average Votes:5.47
Fruits Of Love Average Votes:3.69
School Play Average Votes:3.39
Court Humor Average Votes:5.97
Special Skill Average Votes:2.96
Post Office Job Average Votes:5.71
Royal Trip Average Votes:5.75
Technology Contest Average Votes:7.37
Surgery Problems Average Votes:5.65
Blood Bath Average Votes:4.93
Rome's Blessing Average Votes:5.84
Beer Masters Average Votes:6.35
Helping The Armless Average Votes:4.75
Lunch Break Average Votes:5.15
Problematic Child Average Votes:2.61
Getting Off Drugs Average Votes:6.48
Clocks In Heaven Average Votes:6.74
Trip To Chicago Average Votes:6.91
A Few Days Off Average Votes:7.49
Memory Method Average Votes:3.49
Elderly Meal Average Votes:5.84
Recognizing George Average Votes:6.58
Lethal Pool Average Votes:7.32
Talented Hypnotist Average Votes:6.41
Seeing Eye Dog Average Votes:7.04
Chasing Elephants Average Votes:3.85
A Week Back On Earth Average Votes:3.34
Flight From London Average Votes:7.24
Short Story Average Votes:6.30
English Test Average Votes:4.78
Expensive Apples Average Votes:5.88
Cold Chili Average Votes:5.42
Screwed Explorer Average Votes:5.71
Big Texas Average Votes:4.62
Strange Diver Average Votes:5.99
Gates In Hell Average Votes:4.15
Karate Dog Average Votes:6.12
Golden Bar Average Votes:6.82
God Will Provide Average Votes:5.28
Hunting Trip Average Votes:3.96
Blind Pilots Average Votes:6.86
Life Saver Average Votes:5.40
What's In Your Limo? Average Votes:5.24
Kobe Briant's Q&A Average Votes:4.27
New Rooster Average Votes:8.25
Magical Wish Average Votes:8.59
Just Like Home Average Votes:6.85
Playing Golf Average Votes:7.35
Heart Attack Average Votes:5.78
Crazy Bus-Ride Average Votes:4.44
God And Harley Average Votes:6.93
Scottish Grave Average Votes:4.55
Scottish Ticket Dodgers Average Votes:7.09
Scottish Car Crash Average Votes:6.40
Retirement Notice Average Votes:6.96
Long History Average Votes:3.12
Tribal Punishment Average Votes:6.42
Little Johnny and Jenny Average Votes:7.40
Alibi Average Votes:8.07
Fire Truck Average Votes:6.85
Bright Pharmacist Average Votes:4.97
Troubled Man Average Votes:6.49
Out Of The Closet Average Votes:2.78
The Mime And The Lion Average Votes:6.52
The Aliens Average Votes:6.41
Bad Name Average Votes:5.25
The Lost Son Average Votes:5.80
Inferiority Complex Average Votes:5.84
Flight In Jeopardy Average Votes:5.85
The Nun In Hooters Average Votes:6.88
Martha's Holiday Calender Average Votes:3.37
The Voice Average Votes:4.35
Adam And Eve Average Votes:5.37
Traditional Roulette Average Votes:7.14
Peeing With God's Help Average Votes:7.60
Geography Of Men & Women Average Votes:6.54
Live Long Average Votes:4.29
Hard Day Average Votes:6.19
Strangers In The Night Average Votes:5.92
Magic Lamp Average Votes:6.22
Micahel Jackson- Bedtime Average Votes:4.98
Catching The Drunks Average Votes:6.85
Canibal Test Average Votes:7.70
Shortest Books Average Votes:4.21
Martha Vs. Real Women Average Votes:6.02
Bad Martha Tips Average Votes:4.60
The Worst Day Average Votes:6.88
Hotel Incident Average Votes:6.75
Drinking Problem Signs Average Votes:4.99
Restaurant Incident Average Votes:5.09
FBI Work Average Votes:6.60
Psychiatrists Confess Average Votes:5.57
Ice Fishing Average Votes:6.23
Nervous Taxi Driver Average Votes:5.59
Hot-Dog Average Votes:5.63
A Mess In Court Average Votes:8.61
Bear Hunting Average Votes:6.95
Heaven And Hell Average Votes:5.58
Refusing To Jump Average Votes:4.06
Bar Phrases (And Translations) Average Votes:7.20
A Willing Ambassador Average Votes:7.38
Wet Smokers Average Votes:7.05
Helping The Drunk Average Votes:6.18
Bumper Stickers Average Votes:5.01
Polish Sausage Average Votes:5.28
Telemarketer Torture 2004 Average Votes:5.10
Legless Parrot Average Votes:8.75
Valentine Day's One-Liners Average Votes:3.10
With A Little Help From Friends Average Votes:4.64
Answering Service At Mental Institute Average Votes:8.36
Why Aren't You Married? Average Votes:4.12
To Rub a Turtle Average Votes:3.70
The Baby Average Votes:6.43
Do It Yourself- Taliban Style Average Votes:7.20
Funny Bumper Stickers Average Votes:5.63
Letter from College Average Votes:5.64
Tricky Students Average Votes:6.03
My Newborn Baby Average Votes:2.55
Conversion Average Votes:6.78
Same Person? Average Votes:5.49
Where I Come From Average Votes:5.27
Pirahna Pool Average Votes:5.83
Quick Thinker Average Votes:6.99
Best Toast Average Votes:7.50
Sins Of 3 NUns Average Votes:5.86
Things We Learnd From The Movies Average Votes:6.20
IRS Genie Average Votes:7.54
Pensioners Sex Average Votes:7.67
Halloween Costume Average Votes:7.64
Psychology Trick Average Votes:6.57
Britney Joke- Locked Car Average Votes:4.31
Soliders Urges Average Votes:5.58
Smart Hiding Average Votes:4.48
Farting Problems Average Votes:7.06
A Cheap Train-Ride Average Votes:6.28
Mad Cow- Farmer's Explanation Average Votes:7.18
Mad Cow- Private Chat Average Votes:3.75
Mad Cow- Restaurant order Average Votes:6.33
Christmas Gift Average Votes:7.25
Making The Forest Healthy Average Votes:6.83
Living Statues Average Votes:6.01
Rude Theater Guest Average Votes:4.79
When Santa Gets Annoyed Average Votes:6.13
Smart Diagnosis Machine Average Votes:8.22
Heaven is when you have... Average Votes:4.19
Bedside Manner Average Votes:6.25
Smart Thinking Average Votes:6.08
Comprehending Engineers Average Votes:5.88
Ed Zachary Disease Average Votes:6.20
What's Your Wish? Average Votes:5.35
Working In The Nude Average Votes:6.09
A Nun In A Taxi Average Votes:6.83
His First Passover Meal Average Votes:2.32
Every Irishman's Wish Average Votes:3.51
In heaven's gate Average Votes:8.72
Trying out of the police Average Votes:7.51
Police- Finding A Rabbit Average Votes:6.22
22 Things Not To Say To A Cop Average Votes:6.75
Bet In A Bar Average Votes:5.94
Unlucky day Average Votes:6.56
Jackson- A Priest Average Votes:4.24
Sex Is No Excuse! Average Votes:7.36
Osama And Elvis? Average Votes:2.02
Michael Jackson- Sex Problems Average Votes:4.25
Michael Jackson- Boat Trip Average Votes:6.88
Michael Jackson- Boyz2men Average Votes:5.21
Michael Jackson- Santa Average Votes:6.50
Michael Jackson- Carrier Bag Average Votes:5.65
Michael Jackson- Like A Nun Average Votes:4.61
Michael Jackson- Happy Father Average Votes:4.92
Michael Jackson- Nose Picker Average Votes:4.30
Driving Award Average Votes:6.75
Research Project Average Votes:6.51
Haircut Average Votes:3.75
Trick-Or-Treating Is Better Than Sex Average Votes:6.41
Bug Penis Average Votes:4.76
A Shy Patient Average Votes:4.74
Dirty Advice Average Votes:3.92
No Drunks Allowed Average Votes:5.05
The Gambler Average Votes:6.35
Keeping Pace Average Votes:6.16
How Many??? Average Votes:6.16
Saddam's Other Siblings Average Votes:4.63
Alcohol Warnings Average Votes:6.13
In A Glass Average Votes:3.03
Romantic Countries Average Votes:2.83
I Love You Average Votes:2.95
Spot The Dog Average Votes:7.55
Said In Court Average Votes:8.40
Say At Work Average Votes:6.06
A Full Life Average Votes:5.83
Space Pen Average Votes:5.52
Confession Average Votes:3.73
Drunk Man Average Votes:5.21
Hot E-mail Average Votes:7.81
If... Average Votes:5.95
30 Years Difference Average Votes:6.21
Piss Off A Cop Average Votes:6.61
Tit For Tat Average Votes:7.01
Who's The Boss? Average Votes:5.39
What Do You Mean? Average Votes:6.00
Funny Bumper Stickers Average Votes:6.72
You Are So Dumb Average Votes:2.76
Bumper Stickers Average Votes:6.04
Golden Anniversary Average Votes:6.27
Ohh Crap Average Votes:3.92
Which Syndrome? Average Votes:5.40
Three Doctors Average Votes:3.33
Ugly Average Votes:4.59
Soldier Ride Average Votes:7.75
Poison Average Votes:6.40
Why Are You Leaving? Average Votes:4.80
I Am Canadian Average Votes:2.97
Explaining Life Average Votes:7.49
Grandpa Poem Average Votes:7.62
Nursing Home Average Votes:7.56
A Last Request Average Votes:6.84
Bumper Sticker Sayings Average Votes:6.19
The Poopie List Average Votes:3.74
Perfect Employee Average Votes:8.18
Baseball In Heaven Average Votes:6.08
Health Food Average Votes:4.25
God To Destroy The World Average Votes:2.84
The Crow Story Average Votes:3.08
Use More... Average Votes:6.59
Health Inspection Average Votes:5.33
A Definite Definition Average Votes:6.33
Hearing Problems Average Votes:4.82
Dog Fart Average Votes:6.74
Don't Stop Average Votes:5.51
Old Age Average Votes:5.04
Molested Average Votes:5.15
Crazy Average Votes:6.20
Circle Flies Average Votes:5.51
Red Shirt Average Votes:5.43
A Definite Definition Average Votes:7.62
How Do You Feel? Average Votes:6.64
Cowboys Average Votes:4.40
The Moral Of The Story Average Votes:5.95
WW3 Average Votes:6.61
Get Along Average Votes:6.36
Question #2 Average Votes:6.68
At The Pearly Gates Average Votes:5.02
Good Fence Average Votes:4.68
Like A Frog Average Votes:6.13
Caught Speeding Average Votes:7.23
Mommy and Uncle Fred Average Votes:7.31
Good News And Bad News Average Votes:7.00
K9 Unit Average Votes:5.73
Are My Testicles Black? Average Votes:5.98
30 Million Dollars Average Votes:4.75
Boom! Was that me!? Average Votes:4.90
Who's the Ugliest Average Votes:4.32
Say To Telemarketers... Average Votes:7.70
Specimen Average Votes:5.86
Infrequently Average Votes:6.62
Joys Of A Long Neck Average Votes:3.69
Annoy Your Stallmate Average Votes:7.25
50 Fun Things In The Elevator Average Votes:7.61
Say What You Mean Average Votes:6.85
You know you're from Canada when... Average Votes:5.29
Elderly Ride Average Votes:6.41
Confucious Says Average Votes:6.71
Luck Average Votes:6.13
One Good Reason Average Votes:7.51
Wall Of Clocks Average Votes:2.82
Top 10 Drugged Cartoons Average Votes:4.78
Pissed Roomie Average Votes:6.49
Newlyweds Average Votes:6.79
US Navy Average Votes:8.30
Italian, Frenchman and Redneck Average Votes:6.61
Only in Canada Average Votes:4.69
Sherlock Holmes Average Votes:5.38
Deductive Reasoning Average Votes:6.57
What is this? Average Votes:3.45
A Day Off of Work Average Votes:5.01
Possible Average Votes:3.25
Little Johnny Average Votes:7.34
Small Head Average Votes:6.59
Last Years Present Average Votes:5.22
Life's Bell Curve Average Votes:5.85
Radio Show Average Votes:8.51
Cannibal Programmers Average Votes:4.66
Funny Funeral Thoughts Average Votes:6.27
Happy 100th Birhtday Grandma Average Votes:7.09
Parrot Sex Average Votes:6.26
The 13 Biggest Lies Average Votes:4.55
CEO Envelopes Average Votes:5.83
Sausages Average Votes:7.23
The Fairy On The Christmas Tree Average Votes:4.44
The Dumb Brother Average Votes:5.91
Nobody Job Average Votes:4.23
3 Men Average Votes:3.62
Wine Bottles Average Votes:6.05
Who Reads the Newspapers? Average Votes:4.82
Vacuum Cleaner Salesman Average Votes:7.00
Sherlock Holmes Average Votes:5.04
What Grandmothers Care About Average Votes:3.53
Divorce Average Votes:7.00
Too much Money Average Votes:4.05
Dr. Suess Average Votes:6.31
Memory Test Average Votes:3.80
Only In America! Average Votes:6.39
A Fishy Tale Average Votes:5.10
Horse and Chicken Average Votes:6.16
Pickup Lines That Don't Work Average Votes:3.40
Twins Tragedy Average Votes:7.15
Bad Doctor! Average Votes:6.68
Things Not To Say Average Votes:4.48
Polish Construction Worker Average Votes:6.61
Too Many Questions Average Votes:6.62
Safety Competition Average Votes:5.83
Don't Lie Average Votes:6.05
Bust Exercise Average Votes:4.86
State Mottos Average Votes:2.94
Five Funny Insults Average Votes:4.38
Good And Bad News Average Votes:4.81
Star Hangover Average Votes:5.72
Bin Laden Average Votes:5.11
Baked Beans Average Votes:8.04
Halloween Party Average Votes:4.55
Not To Be Heard During Surgery Average Votes:5.83
Aunt Karen Average Votes:7.90
Spend Your Money Wisely Average Votes:6.46
The Halloween Costume Average Votes:6.55
Cold Winter Average Votes:6.43
The Tattoo Average Votes:6.44
A Dinner Conversation Average Votes:7.24
Boyfriend Gone Wrong Average Votes:5.06
The Hypnotist Average Votes:5.90
The Parrot Average Votes:4.69
Little Push Average Votes:5.67
Prison and Work Average Votes:5.87
Top Stories For The Year 2035 Average Votes:5.48
Who's in charge? Average Votes:7.27
Bowerl Gota Move Average Votes:5.68
Railroad Lady Average Votes:3.74
Gone Golfing Average Votes:5.01
No arms Average Votes:6.28
Tool Murders Average Votes:4.48
JLo's behind Average Votes:3.07
Know Your State Sotto Average Votes:4.99
The Shortest Books Average Votes:4.30
Two Statues Average Votes:6.30
Right up your... Average Votes:4.09
The Worst Age Average Votes:7.33
Things You Don't Want to Hear During Surgery Average Votes:5.42
Parrot On Board Average Votes:5.73
Hearing Problem Average Votes:6.75
Old Graveyard Average Votes:4.17
Man's Bad Luck Average Votes:6.42
Old Hits Re-Released Average Votes:4.51
Son Of A? Average Votes:5.44
The Bear and the Rabbit Average Votes:4.97
Mississippi Average Votes:6.76
Italian Vacation Average Votes:7.15
Arkansaw Drivers License Application Average Votes:6.51
Arkansas Professional Engineering Exam Average Votes:3.86
BOOM! Average Votes:4.44
Documentary Average Votes:7.55
Dont step on a duck Average Votes:6.61
Birds Average Votes:4.35
RAF Joke Average Votes:4.59
3 guys in a sauna Average Votes:5.51
Gennie Average Votes:7.55
Very Drunk Average Votes:4.25
Midget Average Votes:5.74
Viagra Average Votes:3.86
Magic Lamp Average Votes:5.84
Duck and Bartender Average Votes:5.46
The cat Average Votes:4.99
A Second Opinion Average Votes:5.62
10 Words Average Votes:5.27
A no-brainer Average Votes:2.42
Health Tips Average Votes:5.90
the duck and the crackers Average Votes:4.15
Not cool anymore! Average Votes:3.38
Fucked Duck Average Votes:5.82
Brain Teaser Average Votes:3.85
Raggedy Ann Average Votes:3.98
dopey&the pope Average Votes:4.40
Penguin Average Votes:5.34
your so poor Average Votes:3.08
Seasons Greetings Average Votes:4.73
How to Poop at Work Average Votes:6.26
Superman & Wonderwoman Average Votes:5.54
The Parrot and the Magician Average Votes:3.19
Gifts Average Votes:4.55
Car Accident Average Votes:3.98
Who is it Average Votes:2.92
Surprise for Santa Average Votes:5.01
The Gorilla Average Votes:4.53
Hahahaha Average Votes:2.65
You Are The Winner Average Votes:5.33
A Holy Bad Day Average Votes:4.58
College Finals Average Votes:5.28
Four Dogs Average Votes:4.17
Duck Hunt Average Votes:6.15
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Average Votes:4.35
Fresh From Jail Average Votes:5.38
Stephen Wright Jokes Average Votes:5.47
epheopians Average Votes:2.26
Lesbian Dinosaur Average Votes:4.36
Chicken Average Votes:2.76
The 11th Commandment!! Average Votes:6.83
THE ATHIEST!!! Average Votes:5.23
Magician Average Votes:5.13
Pinochio Average Votes:6.14
Three legged dog Average Votes:2.67
The Voodoo Dick! Average Votes:8.72
Guy in a bar Average Votes:5.08
Mama Knows Best! Average Votes:7.50
Hey...Can Ya Give Me A Push? Average Votes:7.78
Afgani Average Votes:4.06
Happy Birthday To Me! Average Votes:8.10
The Spoon! Average Votes:8.18
three texans Average Votes:5.08
hunchback of notre dame Average Votes:4.29
Clinton and the Pope Average Votes:4.54
Elderly Couple Average Votes:4.69
Dogs and Men Average Votes:4.62
a man walks into a gunshop... Average Votes:4.56
Fore! Average Votes:3.44
star trek Average Votes:4.33
new preacher Average Votes:4.55
Genie golfing Average Votes:4.18
Puppies Average Votes:3.93
kfc Average Votes:4.69
Supplies Average Votes:0.56
Oliympic Condom Average Votes:4.65
fishy Average Votes:5.58
laughter Average Votes:2.36
dog on a rope Average Votes:2.06
Kleenex Average Votes:3.12
FLY FISHING Average Votes:4.75
you cant have any Average Votes:4.65
The Egg Average Votes:3.80
Hillary's In Charge Average Votes:4.87
Quickies Average Votes:7.08
Twas the night before sexmas Average Votes:6.53
Stuttering Average Votes:5.29
Penguins Average Votes:6.79
Twas the night before Christmas Average Votes:5.71
Starter Pistol Average Votes:8.18
All about scooby doo Average Votes:3.82
Do it yourself Average Votes:6.47
Role reversal Average Votes:6.19
Poor Mildred Average Votes:6.76
Sex education Average Votes:7.45
Quickies Average Votes:7.43
Hallmark cards you'll never see Average Votes:5.92
Mother Average Votes:7.55
Division Average Votes:6.50
Listen To The Doctor Average Votes:7.03
The Worst Disease Average Votes:7.19
The Big-Sneeze Average Votes:6.86
Firm Believer Average Votes:7.86
A Dead Penis Average Votes:6.14
Were Those Crotchless Before You Put Them On? Average Votes:6.93
The Best Hunting Dog Average Votes:6.50
Not A Good Diagnosis Average Votes:7.12
Monkey stuff Average Votes:8.31
A Good Lesson To Learn Average Votes:6.14
Sign Language Average Votes:7.86
Bar Room Chat Translations Average Votes:5.03
African & Russian Ambassadors Average Votes:6.69
Men vs. Women Average Votes:6.28
Doctor Checkups Average Votes:6.19
A Slow Reader Average Votes:5.88
No Drinks For Bears in Baraboo Average Votes:5.16
Wisdom and Questions Average Votes:6.92
The Origin Of Women Average Votes:6.73
Condom Complaint Average Votes:4.56
Cheerleaders Average Votes:2.04
The Blind And The Dog Average Votes:5.57
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