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London Toilets Average Votes:6.68
Presidential Contest Average Votes:5.83
Going To Iraq Average Votes:7.80
The Cannibal Average Votes:6.14
Fidel Castro Average Votes:3.85
Presidential Summit Average Votes:3.76
Osama Letter Average Votes:7.32
Dead Politicians Average Votes:6.45
Kerry Fan Average Votes:6.63
Doctors Chat Average Votes:6.59
Taking A Leak Average Votes:6.23
A Quickie Average Votes:5.53
Retirement Bonus Average Votes:7.33
Heckling The Mayor Average Votes:5.55
Bridge To Success Average Votes:4.47
Who Are Your Parents Average Votes:4.28
Presidential Visit To Oz Average Votes:6.03
Tragedy Average Votes:7.01
Turn Off Clinton Average Votes:7.23
Knowing American History Average Votes:7.89
Bus With Politicians Average Votes:5.72
Expensive Dish Average Votes:6.19
Modest Berlusconi Average Votes:2.31
A Name To Every Leader Average Votes:6.32
Democrat On The Porch Average Votes:6.36
A Horse Respect Average Votes:5.41
English Hospitality Average Votes:6.90
The Art Of Speech Average Votes:4.21
Bush In Hell Average Votes:7.61
Automatic Radio Average Votes:5.70
Iraqis On Star Trek Average Votes:6.74
Schwarzenegger Quotes Average Votes:3.60
Receiving Mail Average Votes:5.31
Connection To Hell Average Votes:5.54
Hillary's Visit Average Votes:6.90
Clinton In Heaven's Gate Average Votes:5.59
Give Bill More Time Average Votes:5.87
Matzo Balls Average Votes:5.47
Fairy Tale Average Votes:4.23
Terrible Smell Average Votes:4.51
Bush In Heaven Average Votes:5.98
Bastard Average Votes:5.60
Shark Fishing Average Votes:5.01
Clintons At a Yankees Game Average Votes:6.92
Land of OZ Average Votes:5.55
Dubya Average Votes:6.14
Clintons on Vacation Average Votes:4.94
Tragedy Average Votes:7.55
Prostate Surgery Average Votes:4.51
Golden Urinal Average Votes:6.59
Advanced Medicine Average Votes:6.19
Dear Abby Average Votes:5.02
Presidential Advice Average Votes:5.87
Who's Stupid? Average Votes:4.33
Brain Transplant Average Votes:4.29
Avoiding The Vote Average Votes:4.70
Dead Politicians Average Votes:4.67
The Wizard Of OZ Average Votes:6.05
Clocks In Heaven Average Votes:6.60
John Kerry Fan Average Votes:6.85
Republican and Democrat Average Votes:5.60
Condom Emergency Average Votes:6.06
Common Similarities Average Votes:3.48
Kindergarten Lecture Average Votes:6.25
Donations To Bush Average Votes:6.16
Republican Advice Bush Average Votes:4.65
A Democrat High In The Air Average Votes:7.20
Democrats Vs. Republicans Average Votes:4.05
Democratic Navigation Average Votes:4.59
President Favor Average Votes:4.20
The Village Idiot Average Votes:3.53
Politician And Sperms Average Votes:4.51
Who Slapped Clinton? Average Votes:6.02
The Three Surgeons Average Votes:5.77
Saddam Is History Average Votes:7.66
Get Out Saddam! Average Votes:3.72
A Dying Democrat Average Votes:5.91
Republican In The Porch Average Votes:6.26
The Clinton Family Average Votes:6.45
President Acts God Average Votes:6.42
Clintons at a ball game Average Votes:5.58
Interesting Questions Average Votes:6.27
Arnold- the composer Average Votes:3.44
Curfew in Baghdad Average Votes:5.23
Proud terrorists fathers Average Votes:4.19
So That Is Politics Average Votes:8.11
Bush Leadership Test Average Votes:7.31
Political Trial Average Votes:5.30
Bush Jogging Average Votes:6.24
Comparing Equipment Average Votes:5.16
Clinton And The Genie Average Votes:6.96
Presidental Call Average Votes:6.39
Politics Average Votes:8.95
Bush vs. Osama Average Votes:6.39
The Train Ride Average Votes:6.36
Bin Laden's Surprise Average Votes:4.15
Nativity Scene Average Votes:6.93
Bush And Gore Fishing Average Votes:6.93
The Buttons Average Votes:5.58
Animal Bureaucrats Average Votes:5.12
Nixon's Desease Average Votes:3.94
Artificial Intelligence Average Votes:5.19
Powerful Bush Average Votes:3.70
Taliban TV Guide Average Votes:3.83
Five Surgeons Average Votes:6.06
The Firing Squad Average Votes:5.68
God's Letter Average Votes:6.65
Bush, Einstein and Picasso Average Votes:5.10
Cops Test Average Votes:6.30
For My Country Average Votes:5.17
Unusual Laws Average Votes:5.44
Dog Average Votes:4.41
Tony Blair's TIE! Average Votes:3.26
mexican vs pizza Average Votes:2.37
star wars Average Votes:3.43
Tony Blair Average Votes:3.70
Come Again? Average Votes:4.23
hillary clinton Average Votes:5.97
What Is Politics? Average Votes:5.84
Presidential Bird Average Votes:6.58
Hillary's Got Crabs Average Votes:5.73
Puffy Cheeks Average Votes:3.36
Bill & Monica Average Votes:5.37
The First Bun In The Oven Average Votes:6.87
Al Gore Average Votes:6.64
Try And Talk Your Way Out Of This One Average Votes:7.57
Presidential Policy Average Votes:6.47
Political Bull Sh!t Average Votes:6.51
Political Emblem Change Average Votes:6.80
How Many People Can You Make Happy? Average Votes:6.98
Clinton Jokes Average Votes:7.38
President's Speech in Ebonics Average Votes:5.31
Summer Lovin Average Votes:6.28
Johnny Cochran's top 10 Average Votes:6.32
What Clinton should have said Average Votes:6.16
Lewinsky Limmerick's Average Votes:6.00
Empty Cans Are Worth Good Money Average Votes:7.34
Bill Clinton's Going To Die? Average Votes:5.35
JFK Jr. Average Votes:2.96
Wrong Pig Average Votes:7.99
U.S. Deductions Average Votes:5.06
A Collection Average Votes:7.53
Clinton's Dillema Average Votes:5.36
Stone-Age Mad-Man Average Votes:3.55
Lewinsky's Mouth Average Votes:6.52
Saving The President Average Votes:6.23
A Robber Meets A Theif Average Votes:6.73
From The Menu Average Votes:4.38
Your Clock's Spinning Average Votes:6.53
Should They Be Underneath The Pants? Average Votes:6.46
Hillary with St. Peter Average Votes:7.24
Janet??? Average Votes:7.57
Dr. Seuss goes to Washington Average Votes:5.28
Monica's Fear Average Votes:6.48
Liars Average Votes:6.57
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