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Southern Piece Average Votes:5.79
One Shot Average Votes:6.54
Divorce Average Votes:5.33
From Alabama Average Votes:6.73
Southern Piece Average Votes:5.83
Redneck's Birth Control Average Votes:4.94
If Only Average Votes:6.95
Poetry Contest Average Votes:7.62
Knots And Ropes Average Votes:7.63
Fatal Accidents Average Votes:6.05
Stupid Boyfriend Average Votes:5.49
Redneck Mirror Average Votes:7.11
Redneck In France Average Votes:5.52
Southern Virgin Average Votes:5.18
Drinking And Driving Average Votes:5.54
Old MacDonald Average Votes:4.61
Sex With The Gorilla Average Votes:5.34
Making Donuts Average Votes:5.08
Lottery Winner Average Votes:4.52
One Wrong Question Average Votes:5.86
Redneck Jury Average Votes:5.56
No Longer Privates Average Votes:6.62
Duck Hunting Average Votes:5.65
Vacation Advice Average Votes:6.24
Pilot Brothers Average Votes:5.63
Deer Hunters Average Votes:4.94
A Redneck's Kindness Average Votes:6.43
Redneck Mom's Letter Average Votes:7.29
Martha's Redneck Tips Average Votes:5.84
My Forehead Average Votes:7.28
Big Game Hunter Average Votes:7.64
Redneck Vacation Average Votes:6.46
Pictures Are Naughty Average Votes:6.24
Jewish cuisine Average Votes:3.04
Some Strange Church Average Votes:3.54
Residency Application Average Votes:6.21
All Smiles Average Votes:6.02
You know yours is a Red Neck Church if Average Votes:5.84
Are You a Redneck Jedi? Average Votes:6.64
Old Clyde Average Votes:6.03
Redneck Letter Average Votes:6.30
Tips for Red Necks Average Votes:6.00
Southern Terrorist Advisory Atlanta Average Votes:5.00
Bubba is Dead Average Votes:6.53
The Redneck Oil Change Checklist Average Votes:5.21
Dear Redneck Son Average Votes:7.20
Old Graveyard Average Votes:3.98
what does f**k mean? Average Votes:4.78
You Might Be a Redneck If... Average Votes:4.10
KIss Average Votes:6.36
Timbuktu Average Votes:8.12
How Big An 'Ol Boy Are Ya! Average Votes:5.82
Hang On For Dear Life/Wife Average Votes:7.52
Redneck Gorrilla Average Votes:7.01
Condoms and Rednecks Average Votes:4.52
Rednecks At A Whorehouse Average Votes:4.22
Don't Much Matter What Sex Your Are Average Votes:5.09
Raunchy Truckers Average Votes:4.44
Pee By Number Average Votes:7.32
Them Thar Fairy Tales Average Votes:7.30
Why Am I So Special, Pa? Average Votes:7.29
Farmers Daughters Average Votes:5.09
Pigs Average Votes:7.69
Rooster Average Votes:8.14
Farmer's Daughter Average Votes:4.63
Farmer's Bull Average Votes:6.97
Redneck Logic Average Votes:7.35
Things You'll Never Hear At A Nascar Race Average Votes:5.01
Gatornecks Average Votes:5.41
Getting Into The Olympics Average Votes:5.68
Why Are Rednecks So Stupid? Average Votes:3.48
The Magic Elevator Average Votes:6.94
2 X 4's or 4 X 2's Average Votes:6.32
Bubble Bath Average Votes:5.87
Flea... Can You Hear Me? Average Votes:6.39
Peanut Average Votes:3.39
Break In The Bride Average Votes:6.39
Redneck Medical Terms Average Votes:7.98
Tire Tracks Average Votes:4.47
Teeth Average Votes:6.73
Movie Groups Average Votes:5.07
Mississippian Average Votes:4.66
Divorce In Alabama Average Votes:6.53
Walking Down A Street Average Votes:6.65
Out Of Arkansas Average Votes:3.95
New Law Average Votes:5.41
Governor's Mansion Average Votes:4.64
O.J. Simpson Average Votes:1.77
Lottery Average Votes:3.94
I-40 Average Votes:6.00
Oklahoma Average Votes:4.41
Armadillos Average Votes:3.96
Eat A Possum Average Votes:5.23
Reruns Average Votes:3.83
Minimum Drinking Age Average Votes:6.42
Married Redneck Average Votes:4.36
Kentucky Hotel Average Votes:5.62
How Do You Spell That? Average Votes:7.25
Redneck Pickup Line Average Votes:4.46
Involved Average Votes:5.84
Under Age Average Votes:7.88
Redneck Drinking Average Votes:6.61
What O.J. Wants Average Votes:3.17
Mack Pappy Average Votes:5.54
A Time-Share Average Votes:5.74
Zoo Vittles Average Votes:6.66
Valentine's Love Average Votes:7.57
You Filthy Pigs Average Votes:6.81
A Cherry (Bomb) Of An Idea Average Votes:7.68
Redneck First-Aid Average Votes:7.65
Airplane Average Votes:6.94
Farmer Average Votes:3.23
Computer Redneck Average Votes:6.67
3 Big Rednecks Average Votes:5.50
A Windows Recall Average Votes:6.40
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