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Joey and The Priest Average Votes:6.72
One Good Deed Average Votes:7.25
Nun In The Bar Average Votes:6.19
Smoking Nuns Average Votes:6.74
Customs Average Votes:7.77
Gates Of Heaven Average Votes:4.66
Jesus At The Bar Average Votes:3.96
Clocks in Heaven Average Votes:6.62
Converting Average Votes:4.80
Confession Average Votes:4.36
Sin Of Lying Average Votes:6.94
Weird Text Average Votes:4.93
Where Is Jesus Average Votes:7.11
TV Evangelist Average Votes:6.73
lying Average Votes:7.22
Pitching Average Votes:5.75
Just A Minute Average Votes:5.45
VIP Average Votes:6.86
Blind Man Average Votes:6.30
Confession Average Votes:6.28
Suspicious Rabbi Average Votes:4.70
The End Is Near Average Votes:6.99
Watched By Jesus Average Votes:7.58
Holy Golf Average Votes:4.97
The Confession Average Votes:6.54
Vodka Advice Average Votes:8.24
Religious Bear Average Votes:6.64
Money For Clothes Average Votes:5.98
Anybody Seen? Average Votes:7.21
Accepting The Commandments Average Votes:6.13
Fast Pope Average Votes:6.92
The Cloth In A Bar Average Votes:5.58
Strange Beggar Average Votes:6.06
Creation Of Me Average Votes:5.14
Good Sermon Average Votes:6.54
Golfing On Sunday Average Votes:6.79
Putting It In Average Votes:6.77
Cunfusing Santa Average Votes:4.11
A Dark Confession Average Votes:8.13
The Way To Heaven Average Votes:7.34
Clever !! Average Votes:5.05
A Jewish Mother Average Votes:3.22
Finding Jesus Average Votes:6.67
Religious Golfing Average Votes:6.49
One Last Meal Average Votes:5.61
Praying For Nothing? Average Votes:4.62
Bush Talking Average Votes:5.33
A Christian Deed Average Votes:7.70
Useful Sermon Average Votes:6.52
Jewish Mother Average Votes:4.39
A Jewish Mother Average Votes:2.80
Religious Mother Average Votes:6.36
An Embarrassing Mistake Average Votes:5.13
Knows To Pray Average Votes:6.03
Living Longer Average Votes:5.16
Leaving The Convent Average Votes:4.75
Biblical Love Average Votes:5.61
Beggars In Mexico Average Votes:4.39
Relatively Average Votes:5.92
Priest In The Ocean Average Votes:4.00
All The Same Average Votes:4.89
Rabbi In A Confession Average Votes:6.37
Jesus Is Watching Average Votes:6.91
Trial of the Nuns Average Votes:7.27
What Is A Million Years? Average Votes:6.39
A test for monks Average Votes:4.48
Pope Drive Average Votes:6.19
Heaven Clock Average Votes:5.82
Dying Preacher Average Votes:6.61
Vows Of Silence Average Votes:5.04
The Pope vs. Moishe Average Votes:7.25
Improvements in Hell Average Votes:6.39
God Takes a Vacation Average Votes:3.41
Bhagwan and the Lotto Average Votes:5.43
Not Tonight Average Votes:4.86
The Carpenter Son Average Votes:4.73
The Lord Will Save Me Average Votes:6.27
Church Sign Chuckles Average Votes:4.52
The Guardian Angel Mistake Average Votes:5.21
Holy Water Average Votes:5.14
Where is your beard? Average Votes:3.55
Polly Want a WHAT? Average Votes:6.95
It's in the Bible Average Votes:6.06
Priest Golfing Average Votes:5.71
A Jewish Parrot Average Votes:6.34
How Many Does It Take? Average Votes:2.46
Just a Dumb Bird? Average Votes:3.88
Some Improvements in Hell Average Votes:6.03
Wish You a Merry...Chrismukah? Average Votes:2.69
Welcome At Church? Average Votes:7.33
Bulletin Bloopers Average Votes:5.58
The Catholic Priest Average Votes:6.13
Sister, Got Milk? Average Votes:3.70
Jesus Tackles The Drug Average Votes:6.23
The Athiest Average Votes:6.78
You are not in the book Average Votes:6.20
Crucified Average Votes:4.02
Holy Bread Average Votes:4.44
Sermon Sleep Average Votes:7.84
No Cussing In Church Average Votes:6.23
The Pope and Taco Bell Average Votes:3.44
The Vow Average Votes:4.27
I AM Average Votes:4.63
Deserted Islands Average Votes:5.38
Religious Average Votes:5.05
wheres god? Average Votes:5.02
Forgive Me Father Average Votes:6.59
They Didn't Have Nike's In Those Days Average Votes:3.51
Silent Battle With The Pope Average Votes:7.44
Pennies And Seconds Average Votes:6.49
Good vs. Evil Average Votes:4.91
Destroying The World Average Votes:6.12
Would You Give Up? Average Votes:6.48
Jesus, Are You There? Average Votes:7.00
Executive Recruit Average Votes:6.35
Married Couple Average Votes:6.52
The Pope Average Votes:4.05
Catholic Dog Average Votes:6.08
Funny You Should Ask Average Votes:5.93
Rather Yell Average Votes:4.50
No Jews Average Votes:6.70
Religious Man And An Atheist Average Votes:5.24
Fallen Average Votes:8.37
Throw It All Into A River Average Votes:6.59
Catholic School Average Votes:7.69
Biggest Sex Life Lie Average Votes:6.25
Work Smarter, Not Harder Average Votes:6.41
Heaven, I'm In Heaven... Average Votes:6.80
The Flying Nun Average Votes:4.69
The Pope's Killer Nod Average Votes:7.11
Satan Himself Average Votes:7.43
Letter from God Average Votes:3.56
Pray for me Average Votes:4.17
Last Rites Average Votes:6.27
Office prayer Average Votes:8.67
Gates of Heaven Average Votes:7.17
Happy Sinner Average Votes:6.16
A Religious Bear? Average Votes:5.83
You Get What You Pray For Average Votes:7.13
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