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"Hello darling, my name is, care to join me for a drink?..."

"Yes little Johnny, you can play the computer, as long as you don't press the red bottun"

"Who said nerds can't surf?"

"My god, this internet thing sure has the most amazing collection of panda porn I have ever seen!..."

"Hi Mrs. What's-your name, can I go to the bathroom? And while wer'e at it, would you mind joining me?..."

"It's all your fault, you pig!"

"Plus 24, minus 42…Yes, exactly as I thought! I had absolutely no women this year..."

"Gee grandma, you are much more fun since you have been incinerated..."

"Don’t worry mister condom, one day I'll need you..."

"Oh yes!! I think I see a nipple!! Jim, you come here now, these cows are wild..."

"Yes, dear sir, I swear to you it's a flying carpet fit for two persons... Here, I'll show you, stand at the other corner and get ready to catch it..."

"You bastard, I taught you everything I know! You had no right to ignore it..."

Thanks Sharlyne, this pack of playbos should keep me busy for the rest of the day...

The worst way to find a date in Valentine

"And then they all lived happily ever after... wait, that's not a way to finish my tax report..."

It's A Wonderful Life In Nature

Lets Hang All The Lawyers

You Need To Visit The Dentist

"No Sweat"

You Urgently Need A Diet

This Valentine, even Santa is going to get wild!

Happy Valentine, Baby! This year we are going to teach cupid a thing or two about love...

Color my christmas with your love!

Bang-Boom-Bang, say hello to the elfs gang!

Hmmm, how i would like a piece of you this christmas...

Only the tought of you lights-up my christmas!

"Dear kids- I am going to be a little busy this year, see you when i see you. singned - Santa."

Santa is proud!

Happy christmas, deer!

And your christmas present this year is... ME!!!

Baby, this Valentine I am going to stuff myself with your love

Your love is like a rocket, and what better time there is than christmas to be launched together...

Baby, you are #1 on santa’s sexiest girls list...

Yoo-Hoo, May your next year be one great ride!

My Love, How Come She Has Your Smile?

Guys, No Need To Crawl Over Me. My Heart Belongs To My Lover

I Wish You Would Look Like This, But Still, I Love You The Way You Are

I Will Follow You Through Any Battle Field

I Wish I Was The Sheet In Your Bed

For You I'll Climb Any Mountain

My Love For You Has Endless Ties

I Will Hold The World For You
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