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Italian, Frenchman and Redneck

The Italian says, "When I've a finished a makina da
love withah my girlfriend, I go down and gently tickle
de back of her knees, she floats ah 6 inches above a
da bed in ecstasy."

The Frenchman replies, "Zat is noting, when Ah've
finished making ze love with ze girlfriend, Ah kiss all
ze waydown her body and zen Ah lick za soles of her
feet wiz mah tongue and she floats 12 inches above
ze bed in pure ecstasy."

The redneck says, "That ain't nothin buddy. When I've
finished doin it to the ole lady, I git out of bed, walks
over to the winder and wipe my pecker on the curtains.
She hits the freakin ceiling!"

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