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Flight In Jeopardy

A Northwest flight while enrout from Houston to Minneapolis lost an engine. The Captain came over the PA and said: "Ladies and Gentlemen, we lost hydraulic fuel and the number one engine so we had to shut it down. Due to the lack of power we are going to have to lose some weight. So we are going to get rid of all the luggage."
After getting rid of the luggage the plain was still over weight so the captain came over the PA and said: "Ladies and Gentlemen, we are still over weight so every one need to double up in seats and were going to get rid of all the back row of seats."
So after every one doubles up in seats and they get rid of all the back row of seats the Captain come over the PA again and said: "Ladies and Gentlemen, I am sorry to announce that we still have too much weight. Our flight attendant will give you further instructions."
So the flight attendant gets on the PA and says: "Ladies and Gentlemen, we have some parachutes but we don't have enough for every one so just to be fair we are going to go in alphabetical order. Starting with the A's would all the African Americans please stand up." ...No body stands up... "Alright moving to the B's, would all the Black people please stand up." ...And no body stands up... "C's would all the Colored people please stand up." This little boy looks up at his Daddy and asked: "Daddy aren't we colored?", His father replies, "No son today were Niggers the Mexicans are going first."

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