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Super Natural Powers

A man comes into a small town and starts convincing people he has super-natural powers.
He meets a guy called Georgo who is unable to walk withou crutches and asks him: "George, how would you like to get rid of those crutches? with my powers I will cure your legs so that you will be able to run like a tiger".
Then he goes to a guy called Stan who stutters and asks him if he would also like to be cured.
Stan says: "O---O---Of course I w--would like t--t--that".
So, the man invites the whole town to sit in front of a big stage, where he puts Stan and George behind a red curtain.
"Ladies and gentelmen", he says, "I will now ask George to through him crutches from behind the curtain". Immidietly a pair of crutches is thrown from behind the curtain, and the audience is shoced.
"Ladies and gentelmen", he then says, "I will now ask John to speak without stuttering".
A few seconds of silence pass, but John is not heard.
"John, please, speak to us".
Still, nothing.
"John, everybody came to hear you speak, please, start now".
Then a sound is finally heard from behind the curtain:
"G--G--G-----George f-fell!"

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