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The Athiest

One beautiful morning a athiest was walking through the forest, admiring natures surroundings...

He looked up and saw the trees swaying in the wind high above him and smiled...

He saw the river glisten in the sun twinkle like a new born star and it made him warm inside...

He thought to himself that mother nature had made a true and wonderful world...

The athiest had walked a little further down the track he had taken when suddenly a bear jumped out of the bushes only a few yards ahead of him and started growling, looking hungry and ran quickly towards him...

Seeing the big bear bounding towards him he screamed in horror and started running as fast as he could away from the bear...

Knowing that the bear would catch up to him and he had no chance, the athiest soon ran out of breath and in a few paces fell to the ground...

As the bears shadow fell upon his face and his paws come down upon his chest, the athiest screamed
"oh help me god"

Suddenly the trees that he so much admired stopped swaying...

The river he loved suddenly stopped flowing..

And the sky opened up and a voice begun to speak..

"I am god, and even though you dont believe in me, i am here for every being on this earth"

The athiest felt relieved a little bit and asked god...

"Im sort of in this situation, im only asking if you can help me get out of it"

God thought for a moment and said...

"I will give you one wish to help you and that is all, you may proceed with this wish"

The athiest thought about this wish for a moment and then spoke to god..

" Well i dont really want to become a christian, so i wish the bear to become a christian"

God spoke...

"So be it done"

Suddenly the sky closed up...

The river turned back into its flowing glory...

The trees began to sway again...

And the bear clapped his paws together and said...

"Thankyou god for this meal im about to recieve"

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