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Im Sorry

Once there was this man who had an extremely small penis and was forever unhappy about what he had been born with...

One day he was walking through town when he came upon a small store that said True Magic and Wishes...

Looking like a rather strange and interesting shop the man entered the store and walked up to the shopkeeper behind the counter...

"What do you mean by your sign, true magic and wishes" he asked curiously...

"well you see young man we have many things that can make all your dreams come true in a single wish or spell" the shopkeeper said...

"Do you have something that you always wished for?" she asked the man...

Looking abit embaressed ,the man finally said "yes, but you cant laugh ok"...

"My penis is very small and i wish it to be very big, can you help me?" The man asked...

The shopkeeper smiled "Dont be saddened by this for i have just the thing for you"...

The man watched the shopkeeper open a drawer underneath the counter and pull out a strange leather case, opening the case it contained a gold ring with a mysterious red stone set in it...

"This will help you, but there will be a price" The shopkeeper said...

The man thought about this and if he was to have a big penis he would pay anything to have it...

So after settling a price that made both parties satisfied the shopkeeper told him how to use the ring...

"It works quite simple, all you need to do is wear it like a normal ring and bump into people and let them apologise, once this happens your penis will grow a few inches each time it happens" the shopkeeper said...

The man thanked the shopkeeper and as soon as he was out of the store and on the street he couldnt wait to try it...

Slipping the ring on his finger he found that a little old lady was walking his way and he purposely bumped into her and she apologised...

Slowly he felt something strange happen to his penis and sure enough he felt it grow a few inches in his pants...

I cant beleive it ,it works like a charm, the man thought...

Next he bumped into a young man walking his dog and sure enough the young man apogised and again he felt his penis grow a little more, the man was over the moon...

The man then saw an old indian man also walking his way and again bumped into him...

The old indian man looked up at the man who had bumped into him and placed his hand upon his shoulder in gester and said...

"A thousand apologies my good man"

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