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Who Do You Think I Am?

A man was watching the football game one Sunday morning, when his wife walked into the living room and said, "Honey, the refrigerator doesn't seem to be working very well. Can you take a look at it?"

The husband said, "Who do I look like, the Maytag repairman? I'm watching the game!"

The woman scowled and walked out. About an hour later, she walked back into the living room and said, "Honey, now the toilet is backed up! Can you please take a look at it?"

The man responded, "Who do I look like, Josephine the plumber? I'm watching the game!"

The wife turned on her heel and marched out of the living room. Later in the afternoon, she came back in and said, "I don't believe it! Now the CAR won't start! Can you please check it out?"

The man growled, "Who do I look like, Mr. Goodwrench? I told you, I'm watching the game!"

The woman, now extremely pissed off, stormed out of the room.

The next day, the man was at work, feeling guilty about the way he'd treated his wife the previous day. He decided to buy his wife some flowers and surprise her by coming home early with them. When he walked in the door, he walked into the kitchen and found her there. He gave her the flowers and apologized to her, saying, "Well, I guess I'll have a look at the fridge now."

"Don't bother", she snapped. "Bob, from next door, came by and I told him about it, so he came in and fixed it."

The man said, "Oh. Okay, well, I'll check out the toilet, then."

"He fixed that, too", she sniped.

"Oh", he said. "Alright, then, I'll take a look at the car."

"Bob already found the problem and fixed it", she said.

The husband stood there dumbfounded. "He did all that for free? Wow, that was awful nice of him."

The woman replied, "Well, he didn't exactly do it for free...."

The man said, "You mean you paid him? How much did he ask for?"

She said, "I didn't pay him in money. I asked him if there was anything I could do to repay him, and he said he wanted me to either bake him a batch of brownies or he wanted a blow job."

The man was stunned. "Okay, so you made him some brownies...."

The woman snapped, "Who do I look like, BETTY CROCKER?"

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