Pirahna Pool

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A very rich man had his pool filled with pirahnas. Later on that day he threw a party, and invited anyone who wanted to attend.

He said he'll give any man $10,000 if he dares to swim from one end to the other. No one took the offer.

"Ok, i'll give any man $10,000 and a brand new car". Still no one took the offer.

"I will give any man $10,000, a brand new car and any lady of their choice at this party".

At the end of the pool, a man jumps in and swims fast across to the other end.

The rich man shakes the man's hand and asks, "do you want the money?"
"Do you want the car?"
"Then you want the lady of your choice?"
"Then what is it that you want???"
I want the little b**ch that pushed me in!"