Adam And Eve

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God called down to Adam, "My child, I have noticed you are lonely down there, so I want you to meet someone. Come and see, I call her woman, her name is Eve..."
Adam came to see her, he then returned to speak with God, hardly able to contain his excitement,"Oh, father, she is so beautiful, her shining blonde hair, and those gorgeous eyes! Why did you make her so beautiful?"
God answered, "So that you would love her my son. But check out the smell of that shining blonde hair...."
Adam leaves and later returns to speak with God, "Oh my Lord, she smells like the flowers in the garden of Eden in the sunshine just after the rain. Why did you make her smell so good God?" he answered....
and again God answered him,."So that you would love her my son....she will keep you company when you feel like you need a friend. Go forth and enjoy her my son, see how much fun you can have together"
Hours later, Adam returns, completely shagged out,"Father, she has many great qualities, the sex was great,she can please me greatly physically, I enjoyed that immensely, but Father, why is she so dumb?" to which God replied, "So that she would love you my son"