With A Little Help From My Spouse

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  • 4¬†years ago
A husband is driving his car, with his wife sitting next to him.

Suddenly, the police siren is heard, and he is requested to stop.

The policman comes to him and says:
"sir, do you know that you have been speeding for the last 5 minutes?".

The husband replies, imploringly:
"Oh no, i really didn'y notice, officer. I am so sorry, i promise not to do that again", but then he is interrupted by his wife, who says:
"That's not true, he knew he was speeding and had no intention to slow-down".

The policman continues: "also, may i ask why you don't have your sit-belt on, sir?".

The man replies nerveslly: "You see, i released it when i heard the siren cause i wanted to approach you and.." but again he is interrupted by his wife, who says: "that's rubbish, he wasn't wearing it since we left home".

Then, the husband loses it and yells to his wife: "would you shut-up, you stupid cow?!".

The policman, shocked, asks:
"Mam, are you going to let him speak to you like that?".
To that the woman replies:
"Oh, don't wory officer. He is always like that when he's drunk"...