Bad Day

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All drivers for Red Ball Express had orders to "Never ever pick up Hitch-hikers". Old Freddie Crotch was high-ballin' down the highway and saw an unbelievably stunning blonde hitch-hiking. Thinking with the wrong head, pulls over and picks her up.

Traveling down the highway, she leans forward and is looking out the mirror and says "You have a flat tire."

As Freddie pulls over and goes out to take a look, The blonde slides over and drives away.

Freddie is now pissed off. Then, a Motorcycle gang pulls up, beats the crap out of him and leaves Freddie tied, Naked and broke.

Another Red Ball Express driver sees Freddie, pulls over and says: "Holy shit, It's you Fred. What happened?"

Freddie relates his woes.

The second drivers walks around back of Freddie, unzips his zipper and says, "This just isn't your day, Is it Fred?"