Drinking Nun

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This nun walked into a liquor store. She walked up to the cashier and said,
"Could you give me a bottle of whiskey?"
The man replied, "Sister, I can't, I really . . ."
"Please, I need it," the Nun interrupted.
"But Sister, I just..." The Cashier was again interrupted.
"Really, It's all right. It's for medical purposes."
"Medical purposes?" The Cashier asked.
"Oh... Well, I guess so. Here, take it for free, I just couldn't charge any
money." The Cashier handed her a bottle of whiskey. She walked off with the
About four hours later, the cashier was locking up. And lo-behold, as he was
walking to his car, there the nun was, on the other side of the street,
weaving and swerving from side to side, singing a song. The cashier called
out to her, "Sister, you told me it was for medical purposes!"
The nun replied, "It is. You see, the Mother Superior is constipated, and when
she sees me like this, she's gonna shit!"