Who Are Your Parents

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Erich Honnecker (the president of East Germany) was invited to Moscow by
Gorbachev for a visit. After weeks of preparation by Gorby, Honnecker arrives in
Moscow. As part of the celebration activities, there is a big parade through the
streets of Moscow. While the two are watching the parade, Gorbachev takes a
small boy aside and asks him, "Who is your mother?" The child replies, "Mother
Russia." "And who is your father?", asks Gorbachev. The boy answers, "Why, its
you Uncle Gorbachev!". Finally Gorbachev asks the boy, "and what do you want to
be when you grow up?". The boy proudly replies, "a good communist!".

Erich Honnecker, meanwhile, has been watching this and is very impressed. So
impressed, that he decides to invite Gorbachev to [East] Berlin for a visit.
Again, after weeks of preparation, Gorbachev's plane lands in Berlin. And again,
part of the celebration includes a parade. Remembering what Gorbachev did in
Moscow, Honnecker repeats the scene: He asks a little boy in the crowd, "Who is
your mother?" The child replies "the GDR [German Democratic Republic - East
Germany]." "And who is your father?", asks Honnecker. "Why, its you Uncle
Honnecker!", replies the child. "And what do you want to be when you grow up?"
queries Honnecker. Without hesitation, the boy replies "an orphan."