The Parrot

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There was this man who had his reasons to think that his wife was having an affair. One day he decided to get a talking parrot to spy on his wife to see what he suspected was true. He had come to a local pet store and asked if they had any parrots which could talk, the man behind the counter said yes but there was one problem, we have this parrot but he has no legs and only balances on his penis..
The man was very desparate and said that he will take the bird no matter what problem it had.
So the man took the parrot home and explained to him that he needed it to tell him everything that his wife did when he was away from the house.
So the first few days the parrot reported that nothing had happened when he was away, then one day the parrot suddenly reported that something had happened.
The man was very excited and asked the bird to explain everything.
The parrot said that his wife had come in to the house with a stranger, the man asked what had happened next, the parrot said the stranger and your wife began to kiss and caress eachother, the man asked what had happened next, the bird replied well the stranger undressed you wife, the man said to the parrot go on what happened next
and the parrot said i dont know, i got a stiff and fell off the bar