Spend Your Money Wisely

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A man was short on cash but was horny as hell. He entered a brothel on the edge of town and said to the girl at the desk "i've only got $10. What can i get for $10?" To which the girl replied "go in the second door on the right sir". The man walked towards the door, delighted to be getting some action for just 10 bucks. He entered the room to see a huge tv screen and dvd player. Beside it was an enormous collection of dvd porn and several bottles of lube. The man was over the moon with excitement, he quickly picked a dvd and turned it on. He then spent the best hour of his life jerking off and came many times.

He cleaned up and left with a big smile on his face. He then decided to save every bit of money he had and came in the next week with 50 bucks and said to the girl "what can i get with this?" She replied "third door on the right sir". The man rushed to the door eager to see what awaited him in the room. When he entered, he saw a stool with a chicken before him. He quickly returned to the front desk with a confused look on his face and said "uhh there's just a chicken in there!" She stared blanky at him and said "yes sir, what's the problem?" The man, not wanting to waste money, said "fuck it" and decided to give it a shot. He returned to the room, dropped his pants, grabbed the chicken firmly, and drove his member right up its ass. The chicken clucked loudly and shook furiously, but the guy kept pumping till he finally came. The floor of the room had feathers scattered about it and a molested chicken rolled up in a ball when the man left the room.

The man left the brothel and thought "well that wasn't as bad as i thought it would be, i'll get more money next week". Sure enough, the man entered the brothel the very next week with $100 and asked the girl his usual question. She replied "upstairs, second door on the right". The man thanked the girl and rushed upstairs due to his heavy erection. He entered the room with his hopes up, but when he saw 2 guys' asses staring him in the face he thought "fuck this, no way!" As he turned to exit the room, he saw that the 2 guys weren't in an ass-fuck position, they were actually looking down a hole. Filled with curiousity, the man joined the other 2 men and looked down the hole with them. The view was of the room below on ground floor. The man was surprised to see 3 naked girls playing with each other on a bed, and then going down on each other until they finished up fisting each other, each girl screaming with pleasure.

The man was completely aroused by what he saw and he said to the other 2 men as he left the room "shit, that was the best hundred bucks i ever spent!" One of the other men replied "that's nothing man, you should have been in here last week...some guy fucked a chicken!!"