The Buttons

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  • 4¬†years, 10¬†months ago
One day, George bush travels to Afghanistan to attempt peace talks with Osama bin Laden.

The two sit down to talk, and George asks him if peace was possible, then Osama bin Laden pushed a button, and a fist on a spring came out of the wall, and punched George in the face. George then asked if there was any way to settle their differences, and Osama pushed another button, and the fist hit George in the nuts. George then asked to reschedule the talks in Washington, Osama agreed, and pushed another button that ejected George out of his seat.

The two sat down in the oval office in Washington D.C. to continue their talks. Osama claimed that filthy Americans were trying to take over the world, and George pressed a button and nothing happens. Osama than says, "Very funny, you think you are smarter than me!", George pushes another button and still nothing happens. Osama finished by stating no American is safe, and George pushed a third button, but once again, nothing happened. Osama then said, "Enough of this nonsense, I need to go back to Afghanistan,"

George Bush simply replied, "What Afghanistan?"