Good Fence

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  • 3¬†years, 3¬†months ago
This guy goes into the local drug store to buy some comdoms. He goes up to the young girl behind the counter and asks her where they keep them. Well that depends on what size you are the yound lady replies.

Well I really don't know, I've never bought a box before. Well the girs says if you go out back you will find a fence just outside the door with three holes in it, a small, medium, and large hole. Just stick your penis in each hole and what ever hole fits best that's what size you are. O.K, I'll be right back.

Meanwhile the girl sneaks out back before the man gets there drops her pants and backs up to the small hole.

The man gets there, whips out his thing and pokes it in the small hole, takes it out and goes to the medium hole. Meanwhile the girls also backs up to the medium hole, then to the large hole at the same time the man tries out each size.

After the man finishes, he zips up and returns to the cash, where he finds the young girl already there. Did you find out what size you are? She asks him. No the man replies, but I would like to buy 12 feet of that fence!