The Gambler

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A woman walks into a bank one day to deposit a large sum of money. She walks up to the guy at the counter and hands him a cheque of a million dollars. After noticing the cheque was for such a large amount, he tells her he has to go and get the bank manager. Soon, the bank manager appears and starts to process her cheque.

"How did you get so much money?"

"Well", she replies, "I'm abit of gambler..."

"Really?" the manager replies astoundingly.

"Sure, like right now - I can bet you $10,000 that your nuts are square!", the managers alittle taken back from what shes said.

"Ten grand that my nuts are square?"



"Great, meet me in the car park in two minutes so I can see for myself".
Sure enough, two minutes later the manager walks out and sees her standing by her car with a guy in a suit.

"Ok, well this is my lawyer. Hes just here to make sure this is all legal and fair."


She then steps up in front of him, unzips his pants and gives his balls a good feel.

"You're right, they're not square!"

The manager smiles and looks over to the lawyer who starts banging his head on the car.Confused, the manager asks the woman,

"Whats with your lawyer?"

"Oh, I bet him $50,000 I would have your nuts in my hand in 5 minutes."